All about DIDLogic

DIDLogic is an exchange platform for origination and long-distance services. We are a neutral party; you connect with our vendors and pay carrier-direct pricing. Unlike thousands "cheap call" and "virtual numbers" sites out there, we are a true exchange.
  • Why we are better

    Transparent, breakout-based pricing. There are no "free calls" or expiring balances. Low pricing and premium SIP routes only. Solid service with cheap, carrier-direct DID numbers

  • Features

    Instant DID provisioning, completely prepaid service, automated DID checks, fast, secure HTTPS interface, outbound CLI support, Skype forwarding and more.

  • Privacy and security

    Full-time 256-bit HTTPS, Geotrust verified. DSS compliant and certified. Absolutely and unconditionally no unwanted email or solicitation. Physical and electronic safeguards in place to secure client information.

  • Payments

    Top-up instantly with Paypal or major credit card. Verified Business Member with flawless track record spanning nearly a decade. Bank wire transfer option available on request.


  • How to buy DID numbers

    Register for your free didlogic account, choose your country, area code/rate center, add DID numbers and setup DID routing. Easy to use and reliable.

  • How to sell DID numbers

    Simple URI-based interconnect – route your unused DIDs and sell. Charge by the minute, by channel, or sell flatrate, unlimited DIDs.Vendors can restrict numbers and request ID scans and address proof.


Frequently asked question

Setup guides

Setup instructions for VoIP clients, softphones, ATA and Asterisk-like IPPBX. Start sending SIP calls in 3 simple steps: register, buy a DID number, setup your SIP trunk.
  • Subaccounts

    Create multiple accounts to split
    billing. Use in several locations and
    control costs.
  • Mobile apps

    iPhone and Android apps available.
    Nokia SIP compatible, use with any
    other smartphone platform.
  • SIP trunking

    Premium termination with unlimited
    channels. No grey routes ever and
    full Asterisk support. Carrier direct
    Tier1 voice at wholesale pricing.
  • Sell your DIDs

    CLECs and ITSPs: sell your unused
    DIDs here. Get DID capacity from
    any other member. Excellent DID
    exchange tolls to buy and sell DIDs.
  • Call groups

    Easily setup personal follow-me
    service to simultaneously ring a
    group of your phone numbers or
    SIP devices.
  • Skype forwarding

    Forward your DID numbers to
    Skype or Gtalk service to add
    virtual numbers to your Skype service.