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Local toll-free numbers

Get connected to local Points of Presence

USA and Canada toll-free numbers

North American 8YY services to support your
call center or inbound customer service.

DID Logic offers real-time provisioning of US toll-free numbers through our online Exchange portal. We provide NPAs 888, 866, 877, 855 and 844. Custom and vanity numbers are available. Toll-free inbound service can be delivered over standard SIP trunk connection to your SIP-based PBX. If you’re already using a hosted contact center software such as Genesys or Interactive Intelligence, numbers can be pointed to your inbound queue using SIP URI.

High capacity and service redundancy

All numbers support 96 concurrent calls out of the box at no charge. There is no need to purchase additional channel capacity, and our Engineering can instantly upgrade your concurrent channel capacity. If you require support for hundreds of simultaneous inbound calls, service can be turned up instantly and can go to production within minutes. There is no cost for 8YY capacity upgrades.

We use two PoPs to route toll-free numbers in North America. DID Logic is a direct tenant of Coresite at the One Wilshire facility. US East PoP is at Telx's 60 Hudson. We peer at the NYIIX and Any2Exchange. Both facilities work in tandem and provide 100% redundancy for your operations.

In the IP leg of the call, we rely on Tier 1 transit providers to ensure minimal latency from your ISP to our media gateway IP edge.

We can also provide special reduced latency routes to reach Asia Pacific-based customers from our LAX location in California. All Asian carriers are present at One Wilshire. If you rely on outsourced call center locations and your 800 service is impacted by the sub-standard office Internet performance in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand or China, we can solve these issues for you by peering directly with your ISP in Los Angeles.

Enhanced routing features

Numbers can be blocked from payphone calls and restricted to a geographic area you select (US48 only, US48 + AK and HI, or all the US, Canada and the Caribbean). If your organization needs to keep the same RespOrg, we can route your toll-free numbers for you (multi-CIC) without porting them over.

Canadian toll-free numbers

There are two options to extend your toll-free 8YY number coverage into Canada:
  1. On existing US 8YY line, add the option for these toll-free numbers to work in Canada.
  2. Provision Canadian toll-free 8YY numbers that work in Canada by default.

We offer both routing options. In addition to US toll-free numbers that are Canada-enabled, we offer Canadian native toll-free numbers from Canadian national carriers. With a Canadian toll-free number, you won't have to worry about certain CLECs in Canada not having support for US toll-free numbers.

Port-in your toll-free numbers

It's easy to migrate your toll-free numbers to our Exchange platform. We support paperless LNP and make it a simple, enjoyable processes. Read more about our LNP portal solution.

UK toll-free numbers

Enterprise-grade UK 0800 service over Tier1 IP networks.

Toll-free UK numbers are available using our own direct capacity. DIDs can be acquired in bulk, in blocks of continuous numbers. We offer 0800 service to companies of all sizes, including large multinationals and enterprises.

UK toll-free numbers are offered with massive inbound channel capacity out of the box. There is no charge for inbound upgrading channel capacity, and we can easily turn-up 100 or 300 channel UK 0800 setups the same day to handle the busiest inbound call volume.

UK regulatory compliance

We can assist you with your 0800 toll-free number setup and walk your IT staff through the setup. Our experienced team of engineers has hands-on experience and can advise on issues specific to the UK telecom regulatory landscape. All the latest Office of Communications (Ofcom) rules, such as calling toll-free from mobiles, are accounted for.

Ultra-low latency and UK domestic routing

Numbers can be routed to your IP PBX or forwarded to PSTN. We offer standard SIP trunk delivery to IP PBXes such as Asterisk or 3CX. If you have a third-party hosted call center system, we can natively support SIP URI-based routing into your current call center vendor's switches. Routing is available to UK and anywhere in the world over our own high-performance, low-latency IP network.

Our switches sit directly on top of the largest UK telecommunication hubs and we fully control routing. The audio part of the call (RTP) streams from UK-based media gateways and all routing remains UK domestic. There are no third parties involved, and your voice paths won't loop through non-UK jurisdictions or low-cost commodity hosting providers.

DID Logic is a London Internet Exchange member. In addition to London Telehouse North housed equipment, we offer access through our secondary site in Wales. We are at British Telecom Stadium House 5 in Cardiff. The building is owned by the BT Group and is an actual telephone exchange. DID Logic is a direct tenant at the facility and operates its own cabinets on the 14th floor.

Port-in your UK 0800 numbers from any carrier

If you need to port-in your UK toll-free numbers, our team of certified engineers can handle the process for you. For historical and technological reasons, porting 0800 lines in the UK takes a somewhat 30+ day processing time. We can supervise the porting processes at the various Service Establishment stages that UK 0800 porting involves.

All the paperwork can be handled over the automated LNP portal. The web-based LNP tool offers the complete set of tools you need for paperless porting in the UK. Your team can e-sign the documents and control the switchover process.

Australian toll-free numbers

Wholesale 1800 and 13/1300 inbound services.

We provide toll-free (1800) and shared-cost (1300) numbers to businesses of all sizes, non-profit, educational and enterprise customers, call centers, BPO providers, traditional and emerging NGN carriers. DIDs can be acquired in bulk, in blocks of continuous numbers. Vanity, custom and Phonewords-based numbers are available. For example, 1800 TRANSIT is 1800 872 674.

Local expertise

We have intimate knowledge of the Australian telco industry. Our engineers have years of experience working with Australian carriage providers, incumbents and mobile network operators. We can help you navigate the regulatory landscape and remain in compliance with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) rules. If you’re outside of the region and looking to provision toll-free numbers in Australia, our team will walk you through the process and will provide free test numbers to evaluate quality of service.

Direct routing from Australian IP edge

1800 and 1300 DID numbers can be delivered over standard IP connection to any location worldwide. We buy our own IP transit and peer at multiple Internet Exchanges to minimize latency during call delivery. DID Logic operates two PoPs in Australia: one in Sydney and one in Perth.

For Asia Pacific-based customers, we can eliminate traffic loops through low-cost California locations and reduce latency from high 200s to sub-50 millisecond (on a Perth-Singapore route).

AU domestic customers can expect ultra-low latency and zero jitter. We fully control the call routing and all audio (RTP) streams from Australian IP addresses.

You can also dial Australian 1800 numbers for free from anywhere over your DID Logic SIP trunk, just like you would from a local line.

Port-in your Australian 1800 and 1300 numbers from any carrier

If you need to migrate your toll-free numbers, our team of certified engineers can handle the process for you. Our web-based LNP portal offers the complete set of tools you need for paperless porting in Australia. Your team members simply e-sign the order forms and we handle the rest. DID Logic engineering will pre-build the numbers on your system to ensure completely seamless migration with zero seconds downtime. You will be able to pick time of date for your Australian 1800 numbers to cut over.

Toll-free 0800 numbers
in New Zealand

Inbound number solutions in NZ, routed to IP or PSTN anywhere.

Toll-free numbers in New Zealand start with 0800 followed by six digits. DID Logic toll-free numbers allow your customers to call you at no cost. Calls are free from any phone – fixed or mobile. We can offer ranges of 0800 numbers or vanity Word Numbers such as 0800 DIDLOGIC.

Numbers can be forwarded to your other numbers, or delivered over SIP trunk connection to your IP PBX. SIP URI or sip-register based routing to Asterisk, 3CX and other popular PBX software is available.

You can also dial to New Zealand toll-free lines in the +64800 format over our SIP trunk – just like from a local NZ line.

Optimized, low-latency 0800 routing in New Zealand and worldwide

Our switches sit directly on top of the key network PoPs in New Zealand. Unlike aggregators and resellers, we control the routing and operate our own hardware. Because all RTP (audio) part of the call streams directly from New Zealand, call quality beats non-direct reseller solutions. With true domestic routing, your customers and employees will immediately hear the difference in audio quality on New Zealand toll-free lines.

Asia Pacific expertise

For customers located outside of New Zealand, we can offer greatly improved routing without the unnecessary loops and excessive latency. Resellers tend to hide routing before the DID number hits your PBX. We can offer full transparency and reduced latency on your 0800 NZ DID trunk when routed to any destination in the US, Asia or Europe.

Because we manage and operate our own PoPs and peer with many regional and international ISPs, diversity is available in route. From Auckland, two routes are available: one to Hawaii and one to Sydney. From Sydney, three more IP paths can be chosen: one to Los Angeles, one to Hong Kong and one to Singapore via Perth. Our Engineering team can work directly with your technical staff to create the best routing scenario, based on your local ISP in many Asian and North American locations.

Port-in your New Zealand 0800 numbers from any carrier

Our team of certified LNP experts can port your New Zealand toll-free numbers from any carrier. All-electronic, paperless LNP portal is available to initial port orders. We can arrange a cutover time and supervise the NZ number migration. DID Logic will also process all paperwork on behalf of your organization.

Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.