Local SIP trunk

Direct, low latency access to regional voice carriers.
Immediate deployment – connect to your IP PBX today.
Our own racks and IP transit in 12 facilities.
Shorter routing and improved voice quality.
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Data center
Point of presence (PoP)
San Francisco
Los Angeles
New York
Cape Town
Hong Kong
228 ms 228 ms
578 ms
368 ms
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Connect your SIP PBX

send and receive calls in minutes

SIP termination

High—quality ISDN-grade voice
Beat latency by connecting to local VoIP gateways in 12 countries. Each PoP is directly connected to
multiple voice carriers. We operate our own network and hardware-based switches.
Dedicated VoIP network
We operate our own Autonomous System and buy IP transit directly from Tier 1 carriers. DID Logic owns the hardware in each PoP.
In-country gateways
SIP termination is homed to local carriers. RTP streams over lowest latency, domestic IP links without looping through aggregation sites.
Listed carrier
DID Logic is a member of multiple IXes worldwide with access to hundreds of networks through meet-me rooms and cross-connects.
Speak to a pro
Discuss your region-specific SIP termination needs with a Sales Engineer with local industry knowledge.
Telehouse North
Coriander Ave,
London E14 2AA
5th floor, rack TFM14-C17
The only UK facility with its own 132KV power grid. Home of the London Internet Exchange. Over 700 member networks from 67 countries. DID Logic is a full member.
Telecity AMS04 (DLR)
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 127,
1096 AM Amsterdam
3rd floor, rack Z5A-B07
AMS-IX, Voice-IX and NL-IX are on site. We maintain our own floor space and fiber x-connects to the Exchanges we are a member of. DIDLogic is a direct tenant and a listed carrier.
Internap NY
75 Broad Street,
New York
Right in the center of NYC's financial district. Once home to the International Telephone & Telegraph corp, it has been a data center for almost hundreds of years.
One Wilshire
624 S Grand Ave,
Los Angeles
4th floor, rack E05-C7407
One of the most densely interconnected data centers in the world. The ultimate gateway to Asia with over 240 networks and nearly 110 service providers.
MWEB Business
100 Fairway Close,
Cape Town 7500
Access to extensive national and Africa-wide fiber network. For lowest latency, we route locally to Vodacom, Telkom, MTN and other SA networks.
Equinix SY1 Sydney
639 Gardeners Rd,
Sydney NSW 2020
The only location in Australia with direct access to AU-NZ-US West undersea route. We offer free 1Gbit/sec ports out of this location. Second PoP in Peth and third in Auckland NZ coming soon.
Los Angeles
624 S Grand Ave
New York
75 Broad Street
Coriander Ave
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 127
Cape Town
100 Fairway Close
Guihulngan City
ML Quezon Street
639 Gardeners Rd

Toll free numbers in 113 countries

ultra low latency, always local IP source
    • Anguilla$0.250
    • Antigua$0.250
    • Argentina$0.170
    • Australia$0.060
    • Austria$0.125
    • Bahamas$0.170
    • Bahrain$0.190
    • Bangladesh$0.110
    • Barbados$0.270
    • Belarus$0.310
    • Belgium$0.075
    • Belize$0.270
    • Bermuda$0.160
    • Bolivia$0.200
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina$0.225
    • Botswana$0.395
    • Brazil$0.150
    • Brunei$0.245
    • Bulgaria$0.245
    • Canada$0.025
    • Cayman Islands$0.210
    • Chile$0.260
    • China$0.370
    • Colombia$0.240
    • Costa Rica$0.235
    • Croatia$0.275
    • Cyprus$0.120
    • Czech Republic$0.155
    • Denmark$0.060
    • Dominica$0.270
    • Dominican Republic$0.260
    • Ecuador$0.225
    • Egypt$0.350
    • El Salvador$0.245
    • Estonia$0.050
    • Fiji Isl$0.280
    • Finland$0.245
    • France$0.050
    • Germany$0.050
    • Greece$0.060
    • Grenada$0.270
    • Honduras$0.225
    • Hong Kong$0.060
    • Hungary$0.075
    • Iceland$0.135
    • India$0.290
    • Indonesia$0.259
    • Ireland$0.390
    • Israel$0.089
    • Italy$0.050
    • Jamaica$0.270
    • Japan$0.240
    • Jordan$0.190
    • Kazakhstan$0.300
    • Kenya$0.270
    • Kyrgyzstan $0.300
    • Latvia$0.175
    • Lithuania$0.225
    • Luxembourg$0.045
    • Macau$0.330
    • Macedonia$0.210
    • Malaysia$0.065
    • Malta$0.070
    • Mexico$0.135
    • Moldova$0.230
    • Monaco$0.055
    • Montserrat$0.270
    • Netherlands$0.059
    • Nepal$0.180
    • New Zealand$0.047
    • Norway$0.120
    • Oman$0.385
    • Pakistan$0.190
    • Panama$0.130
    • Paraguay$0.200
    • Peru$0.255
    • Philippines$0.180
    • Poland$0.060
    • Portugal$0.110
    • Puerto Rico$0.035
    • Qatar$0.320
    • Romania$0.110
    • Russia$0.100
    • Saudi Arabia$0.430
    • Serbia$0.440
    • Singapore$0.050
    • Slovakia$0.110
    • Slovenia$0.110
    • South Africa$0.150
    • South Korea$0.090
    • Spain$0.060
    • St-Kitts & Nevis$0.270
    • St-Lucia$0.270
    • St-Vincent & the Grenadines$0.270
    • Sweden$0.125
    • Switzerland$0.070
    • Taiwan$0.170
    • Tajikistan$0.300
    • Thailand$0.190
    • Trinidad & Tobago$0.120
    • Turkey$0.210
    • Turks & Caicos Islands$0.270
    • Uganda$0.190
    • Ukraine$0.225
    • UK Virgin Island$0.030
    • UAE$0.320
    • UK$0.059
    • United States$0.018
    • Uruguay$0.120
    • US Virgin Islands$0.030
    • Uzbekistan$0.300
    • Venezuela$0.210
    • Vietnam$0.330

Local numbers in 67 countries

Reaching jurisdictions others can't.
We provision and port single numbers, ranges and 100- or 1,000- blocks worldwide.
Trunks will support Emergency calling, short code dialing and other local services just like
a national telephone service provider.
United States
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Pliladelphia
  • Flexible routing
    Route to a SIP URI, SIP trunk
    or PSTN. DNS SRV Redundancy
    and choice of UDP or TCP.
  • Telecom experts
    Don't do it alone. We will
    navigate the local telecom
    environment for you.
  • Instant provisioning
    Browse DIDs from multiple countries and vendors. Activate new services with a few clicks.
  • Redundancy
    Voice PoPs in historic, fiber-dense
    carrier hotels such as One Wilshire
    and London Telehouse North.

Advanced yet simple interface

Order, Manage, Port, Invoice, Generate, Send, Receive, Port, Top up, Automate
Everything you need is in our self-service portal
Powerful DID management portal
24 local SIP gateways
Real time provisioning
API enabled CDRs
Flexible DID forwarding
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