Complete solution for UK SIP trunking 

DID Logic offers premium, ISDN-grade connectivity to UK fixed and mobile networks at extremely competitive rates. Calls are routed over highest quality networks directly to a Tier1 carrier. It is hard to impress a seasoned VoIP professional with UK termination - yet our beautiful voice quality always does. Customers are delighted with the performance and stability of DID Logic UK SIP termination and origination.

  • Powerful callcenter capacity - send your UK traffic at less that 1/2 U.S. cents per minute. This is a premium product that offers incredible ASRs and very low PDDs. Boost your outbound sales efficiency by setting up high-quality, high-capacity UK trunk with DID Logic.

  • Massive UK DID coverage - all area codes available, geographical, toll-free, nationwide and NGN. Starts at $0.40/month and there are no minimums. Up to 500 channels per DID, actual capacity.

  • Call forwarding to UK mobiles - excellent option for busy professionals and consultants. Landline quality and Caller ID capable. From only $0.03/min to most UK mobile networks. 

What to expect

United Kingdom is our best connected location. Whether you are sending calls from outside the UK or locally, our inbound and outbound capacities are virtually infinite. Business customers can send their own CLI - switch all outbound voice to our SIP trunk and send your existing numbers as Caller ID.

  • Unlimited channels. Send 10, 100 or 10000 channels at no extra charge. Only pay for minutes.
  • G711 u/a, G722 HD, GSM and G729 codecs supported, wideband codecs recommended.
  • PDD (post-dial delay) 0.3-1.5 seconds to UK ringback. 
  • UK landlines $0.0049/min, $0.03/min mobile networks ($USD, no taxes of any kind)
  • Premium SIP termination only - no grey routes, no economy routes. Tier1/PTT only.
  • 0800 UK DID numbers with massive inbound channels and low per-minute charge.

UK SIP termination quality you'll love

DID Logic has hundreds of on-shore and off-shore UK callcenter deployments. Customers report better ASRs (average seizure rates) to the United Kingdom networks than they have ever seen before with any VoIP provider. If the number exists, your call will get established (unless the number is occupied). You get higher agent efficiency - less time spent redialing, less leads missed.

Our focus is on quality, and we invested significant amounts in maintaining direct routes exclusively. Grey route means G729 codec unfortunately. If your agents are involved in outbound sales, their leads capture rates are gravely affected by sub-par voice. G729 cuts of major portion of human voice frequencies to save bandwidth (and this is why it's an economy, grey route). It's still an OK line, you can even hear the other party well, but the spectrum isn't there, nuances are lost, and even your brightest and talented employee will not sound as persuasive to the lead. You may be using G711 to your current supplier, but if they call it "Grey" then they inevitably have to backhaul it via G729 to some other aggregator. This makes matters even worse as transcoding is now involved. We avoid transcoding and it's G711 all the way from the originating party to the TDM circuit.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail with a short summary of your UK deployment, and we will be happy to recommend one of our many tried and tested setups. DID Logic trunk readily supports Asterisk, Freeswitch, 3CX, Nortel and majority of other SIP-based PBX products, software and hardware based.

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