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SIP termination

Need a SIP trunk? We can immediately provision capacity and advise on best implementation practices. Basic accounts require a mere $5 deposit for a fully functional SIP trunk.

We can support a number of trunking scenarios:

  • Traditional two-way SIP trunking with local DIDs and native CallerID.
  • VoIP transit via specific Tier 1 carriers.
  • VoIP transit via regional telephone carriers.
  • Local Voice Service via direct in-country gateways.
  • Reseller A-Z Wholesale VoIP termination via our RouteLogic platform.
  • Dialer and telemarketing traffic profile with local compliance assurance.

Flexible SIP termination capacity with instant provisioning

We do not charge for outbound channels. No need to purchase SIP trunks separately. You may request adjustment to capacity at any time, at no cost. 10, 50 or more outbound channels can be turned up nearly instantly. DID Logic serves many companies with 4,000-14,000 live channels. For more information, please see the Setup section.

Reliable SIP trunking solutions

DID Logic peers at multiple Internet Exchanges and is a listed carrier member at Telecity, One Wilshire LA, BT Stadium House and London Telehouse. We have the infrastructure in Asia Pacific, Europe, Australia, US and South America to support VoIP calls in your region, without looping traffic via aggregator locations.

Experienced team with local expertise

Our team is experienced in regulatory and telecom matters in each of the region we operate. Each local facility is built on top of high-quality, all-local IP and TDM carrier networks. Your calls remain in-country and we fully control the routing.

Simple SIP-based connection. We support it all

  • Codec support: G711u/a, G729, and G722 where end-to-end HD is available on far-end carrier.
  • CLI/ANI with CLIR. Native Caller ID on the same circuit as your inbound DID numbers.
  • In restrictive jurisdictions, alternative SIP ports and TLS are available to unblock VoIP.
  • Proven interoperability. Our service can be quickly set up as a standard trunk on any type of SIP-based PBX or enterprise SBC.
  • Support for all Asterisk and Freeswitch-based systems.
  • Certified interop partner of 3CX and a 3CX-certified provider.
  • Drop-in SIP provider trunk setup available in Avaya IP Office, Cisco CUCM, Sansay, Lync and all leading carrier class SBCs.
  • Easy integration with any other SIP-based communication platforms.
Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.