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Port numbers

Think porting is complex and time consuming?
It is. We expedite the process for you.

Our LNP experts will handle your number porting requests. Porting is available in 43 countries. In many cases, your number could already be sitting on our connected carrier's network. If you’re looking to reduce costs and eliminate latency and audio issues, consider porting your DID numbers and switching to direct IP routing. Your organization becomes the customer of record, and numbers are registered to your business name.

Greater local telco market reach

DID Logic connects carriers in multiple locations worldwide and we build out PoPs locally. In many countries, we have established relationships with national carriers and subscriber number registries. In these jurisdictions, we don't need to rely on long chains of resellers to process the number porting order. Instead, DID Logic’s provisioning experts will work directly with the telephone network responsible for number hosting.

LNP workflow is automated and relies on established processes per national regulations. We facilitate the port locally using our onshore telco resources in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Spain. This list is growing as we license more PoPs. Porting is also available in an additional 36 countries.

Depending on the jurisdiction, we can port Toll Free DIDs, local geographical numbers, or both. Some countries have restrictive regulations that disallow certain types of number portability. Our team can help you with your porting options in certain historically difficult markets such as South Africa, Hong Kong, or Malaysia.

Sample number porting process

  1. Identify the DIDs that are currently with a service provider you wish to migrate from. You could be getting service through a chain of resellers, or bundled with your other non-voice services such as hosted contact center or office broadband.
  2. We ensure completely seamless, zero-downtime number migration. Please ask your IT person and tell us how your inbound number routing is set up. We support PSTN forwarding and IP-based routing to your office PBX.
  3. Pre-production test. To ensure 100% uptime during the porting, our NOC engineers will pre-build your numbers on our switches and simulate inbound calls before any porting takes place.
  4. Sign off on LNP forms. Requirements vary from country to country. For example, US toll-free numbers require no bill copies – only a short Letter of Authority (LoA).
  5. Cut-over date (Firm Order Commitment date). On the day of the port, DID Logic engineers will supervise the number transition to ensure that call flow is completely uninterrupted. Your numbers now SIP INVITE directly from the regional datacenter to your office IP.
Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.