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Migration to DID Logic

So, you're thinking about switching services... We solve the most
challenging VoIP issues and take away the pain.

Looking for a quick Proof of Concept (PoC) setup in your hardware lab? Register a basic account at and get access to the buyer's marketplace and all of our number products.

Contact us at to discuss our business-quality secure VoIP.
Whether you’re building a massive IP-based voice-switching facility
for your local government or looking to switch a few remote office
locations, our dedicated Sales Engineers are always available to guide you.

With a Did Logic account you’ll be able to put our infrastructure to the test today by instantly
creating SIP usernames and adding trunks to us in your PBX.

Direct to engineer

When you reach out to our Sales team, you’ll speak directly to a Sales Engineer who can answer all your service migration questions, evaluate your unique situation, and offer expert advice on the following: your current and future network setup, choice of ISP and hosting facility, minimizing latency and call delays, regulatory situation in new locations, Internet Exchanges and data center x-connects.

Switch outbound

Quickly turn-up unlimited SIP channels and send your existing Caller ID. We can terminate your outbound VoIP calls with your current numbers displayed on the called party end.

Get new numbers

Numbers are available in 117 countries. Add sequential numbers or request vanity digits. We have real-time inventory of thousands of DIDs ready for immediate activation.

Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.