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In-country voice service

Get connected to local Points of Presence

US voice origination

Exchange-powered inbound service covering
thousands of rate centers.
DID Logic has access to multiple carriers collectively covering over 12,500 rate centers — including Hawaii and Alaska. Local phone numbers can be instantly provisioned via our automated portal.

1+1 redundant switching architecture

Customers can choose from 2 PoPs to connect:
  • US West infrastructure: 1 Wilshire and Internap Santa Clara.
  • US East infrastructure: 60 Hudson and Internap NY Metro.
Your ISP or server hosting provider is more than likely to peer at these locations. This arrangement ensures minimal hop count and lowest latency as voice traffic travels from your installation site to DID Logic IP gateways.

DID service features

Local number service comes with scalable channel capacity for easy integration into your existing IP PBX infrastructure.
  • Flexible inbound channel capacity at no cost.
  • Local Number Portability available in all areas.
  • Text-enabled DIDs in select areas.
  • Available for E911 registration.

Australian local DID numbers

Enterprise-ready Australian number solutions.
DID Logic covers all 2,101 Australian SZUs (Standard Zone Units). We can also port-in your existing Australian numbers from any carrier. Wholesale DID options are available, allowing you to order blocks of DID numbers, specific ranges or vanity numbers containing specific digits. Mobile Australian DID numbers (+61 4X) with inbound text capabilities are also available on channel basis.

Direct local dialing supported

Australian DID products support outbound dialing with native CLI. Outbound SIP calls are locally terminated over the same incumbent carrier's network, with guaranteed Caller ID delivery.

For enterprise deployments, LLVS (licensed local voice service) features can be enabled on demand:

  • Emergency 000 dialing with IPND address registration.
  • Local calling features, such as 1800 and 1300 dialing.

Low latency and Australian local infrastructure

DID Logic operates a redundant network in Australia with PoPs in Perth and Sydney. Internet latency in the IP leg to customers based in NSW and Victoria ranges from 3 to 20 ms depending on your ISP. Thanks to the second facility in Perth, Western Australia, customers can eliminate cross-country traffic loops and keep all voice routing in the region. DIDs can be delivered over IP to branch locations in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines via the Perth—Singapore cable.

Flat-rate DID number capacity

Numbers are available for under $1. Inbound minutes are unlimited and not charged. Capacity can be easily scaled on demand to support a range of use cases such as call center, customer information lines and NGN services.

UK virtual phone numbers

Infrastructure and network reach to deliver bespoke
UK origination services.
Infrastructure and network reach to deliver bespoke UK origination services. DID Logic offers:
  • Complete UK geocode coverage (01 and 02).
  • Non-geographic 03 numbering.
  • Jersey and Manx mobile inbound number (07X).

UK DIDs can be instantly provisioned through our Exchange portal, or ordered in bulk in 100-blockor 1,000-block quantities.

Service can be scaled on demand to support as much inbound channel usage as your business requires. Numbers can be delivered over standard SIP trunk connection when connecting with your IP PBX (Asterisk, Avaya, Freeswitch, 3CX, etc.), or diverted to another phone over PSTN.

Solid IP and TDM Voice network in the UK

In addition to using multiple underlying UK voice and data carrier networks, DID Logic operates two high-capacity, high-availability UK PoPs with dedicated hardware and telco interconnects:
  • Telehouse North at 14 Coriander in London. DID Logic is a listed member of LINX, the London Internet Exchange. We are physically present at the facility and operate our own peering and Autonomous System (AS13001).
  • British Telecom Stadium House 5 in Cardiff. The building is owned by the BT Group and is an actual telephone exchange. DID Logic is a direct tenant at the facility, operates its own cabinets on the 14th floor, and is a member of IXCardiff.
  • All UK inbound number products rely on our own network infrastructure, and we can guarantee that your IP voice streams remain in the UK with minimal latency.

UK number portability

Number porting is available through our automated LNP portal. Our team of experienced engineers will expedite the process and ensure completely seamless migration from your current provider.
With our proprietary paperless LNP tool, you can submit and validate UK number porting orders, validate for errors, determine eligibility, track progress, get ongoing order updates and e-sign your porting forms.

Canadian DID numbers

Two network points of presence in Canada to deliver all-local
origination and routing.
Thanks to our connectivity to major Canadian ILECs, we can port-in and provision numbers in 90% of Canadian Rate Centers, including the NWT and Yukon.

Network access

DID Logic provides access to in-country, Canadian local routing for all Canadian number products. Customers can connect to our SBCs physically hosted in Toronto and Montreal.

Canadian DID service features

We can provide new Canadian numbers or port-in your existing numbers through our automated LNP portal.
  • Metered and channel-based capacity available.
  • High-channel capacity deployments in most areas; easily scale to 100s of inbound channels if needed.
  • Local Number Portability available.
Numbers support outbound on-net Canadian voice termination with Caller ID without looping through the US exchanges. This type of routing ensures low PDDs and excellent ASRs.

New Zealand local DID numbers

NZ inbound local VoIP service.
Local numbers are available in major metro areas: Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, as well as in other areas as defined by NAD, the Number Administration Deed for New Zealand’s telecommunication numbering resources.

Native inbound and outbound features

New Zealand DID products support outbound dialing to mobiles and landlines with native Caller ID. Outbound SIP calls are locally terminated over the same incumbent carrier's network, with guaranteed Caller ID delivery. New Zealand LLVS (licensed local voice service) features can be enabled on demand for large-scale deployments. SIP trunk supports calls to 0800 numbers – just like a local NZ landline does.

Low latency access

Customers based in New Zealand can access DID Logic gateways with minimal delays and keep all voice routing in the region. Auckland–Sydney latency is just 23 ms, and we use the same underlying IP transit as major NZ ISPs.
Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.