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Why DID Logic?

Empower your VoIP service with our Exchange platform.
Our methodology is based on local routing and an extremely carrier-dense interconnection environment. We started the Exchange in 2006 and have never stopped upgrading and building out gateways worldwide. Today, we give you the best tools to build the exact VoIP solution your users require.
Route to SIP URI, SIP reg, or PSTN
Mobile SMS enabled DIDs
Wholesale options and number blocks
Upgrade DIDs to hundreds of channels
Metered or Flat Rate models available
DID porting tools: paperless LNP
SIP trunk channels at no cost
12 SIP gateways worldwide
Audio streams remain in-country
E911, 000, 999 and 112 support
Web-based outbound SMS
Simple API access
Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.