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Experience premium-quality SIP termination
in the Philippines

Quality above industry standards - 99.999% uptime
Custom solutions, tailored to call center needs
Low-latency access to Australia, US, UK, Singapore
Local and International DID numbers
Real human customer support. No canned responses

Leading SIP trunk provider
in the Philippines

DID Logic offers best-in-class SIP termination access to Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, mainland China, Indonesia, the USA, and Australia via 7 SIP proxy gateways in the APAC region. Whether you operate a call center in-house or through a BPO, DID Logic’s network of local SIP gateways in the Philippines offers easily deployable and scalable solutions for reduced latency and increased call center performance. Infrastructure uptime and regulation adherence are guaranteed through a local team of dedicated Tier 1 NOC technicians and trained regional policy experts. Compatible with all major PBX providers, DID Logic is 3CX’s globally-preferred SIP trunk provider and recommended tech partner. Contact DID Logic to equip your call center with elite SIP trunking capacity in the Philippines.
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DID Logic: secure, reliable SIP trunk solutions for in-house or BPO call center operations

The Philippines: a Key Hub in DID Logic's Elite Global Network

DID Logic’s Philippine network operations center (NOC) offers exceptional IP connectivity through direct cable head connections to submarine fiber optic cable landings. Our top-notch VoIP services and telecom offerings provide superior service via prime local partnerships and cutting-edge technology. Equip your call center with DID Logic premium SIP capacity to develop secure Tier 1 ISP connections with dependable uptime for in-house and BPO operations. Join our extensive network of localized data centers and PoPs to establish your gateway to the world’s most elite telecom infrastructure. Expect low-latency access between the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, the USA, and the UK, plus over 120 countries worldwide.
The call center benefits and business advantages are numerous:
  • We offer a convenient network operations center (NOC) in the Philippines with excellent testing capabilities;
  • We use a dedicated Manila-to-Los Angeles link from Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) that connects directly into our data center at 1 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles. We understand local Caller ID restrictions and handle voice quality challenges traditionally found in the Philippines (Guihulngan City, Philippines UTC+8 / monitoring);
  • Regional experts on local regulations and trained in-house NOC technicians available 24/7 to ensure complete regulatory compliance and optimal network performance;
  • Wholesale DIDs instantly deployed and integrated through an extensive list of Tier 1 providers to facilitate seamless access to global networks;
  • Our service is backed by 14 PoPs worldwide, including 5 in Asia Pacific, and we currently offer local SIP gateways in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Sydney; PoPs in Auckland, New Zealand, and Perth, Australia, are coming soon;
  • Our customers enjoy crystal clear connectivity with only 1-5 ms local latency for superior communication (compared to 300-400 ms when using carriers without a local presence);
  • We partner with one of the largest Asian cellular operators, KDDI Group, for a private virtual local area network (VLAN) with cross-connects located in the Technopark@Chai Chee — a Singapore IT business park, and 42 Telehouse data centers in 11 countries;

DID Logic: recommended globally by 3CX

Quality-controlled SIP trunking allows customers to avoid Caller ID restrictions and voice quality inferiority traditionally found in the Philippines, while gaining access to the most important global markets across Asia and the Americas. DID Logic’s team of trained regional policy analysts provide expert insight for navigating the Philippines unique local regulations.

Reliable call center solutions

Maximize call center efficiency and increase ASRs with DID Logic’s rapidly scalable SIP trunk solutions for operations managed in-house or through a BPO. Connect seamlessly to anywhere in the world through reliable A-Z termination capable of providing powerful results for international VoIP service. Complete CLI support and guaranteed uptime across DID Logic’s international architecture of data centers and PoPs supported by local NOC technicians trained to ensure consistency, security and overall quality across your call center activity.

Satisfied DID Logic Customers:

Contact DID Logic today to establish your bridge from east to west and be on the cutting edge of the Philippines’ rapidly developing telecoms hub