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Carrier voice peering

Optimized ethernet path for carrier VoIP traffic

Bypass the ISP bottlenecks and public Internet congestion

No ISP or cloud provider guarantees that your real time IP communication traffic will be delivered with the highest priority. Congestion, multiple routers from multiple networks in route, and unpredictable jitter can negatively affect your subscribers’ service happiness and their Quality of Experience.

By diverting your voice traffic off the public Internet to protected, dedicated paths, your organization can dramatically improve connection quality. Peering offers a more secure, isolated environment, much less likely to be affected by DOS attacks and provider outages.

Superior voice service quality without infrastructure investment

Establishing dedicated TDM interconnects can be time consuming and expensive. IPX offers more flexibility but really comes with the same or higher infrastructure investment. Voice peering can leverage the existing IP transit and SIP gateway infrastructure that your organization has already paid for. Depending on your network topology, we can offer flexible routing options to instantly optimize and protect your VoIP interconnects:

  • Peer at the Internet Exchange. Our network PoPs include One Wilshire LA1 (Any2Exchange), Telehouse London (London Internet Exchange), BT Empire Exchange, and DLR Amsterdam (Telecity4, NL-IX, Voice-IX). Contact to request peering with ASN13006.
  • Private voice peering. The Voice-IX community is a platform for the exchange of VoIP traffic. It uses priority queuing to transport your voice in a controlled environment, where traffic is switched directly between members with ultra-low latency, completely isolated from the public Internet.

We will peer with your ISP

Public and private peering is open to our carrier members who trade capacity on the Exchange. If you are a buyer, you can connect to our platform securely over our Free SwitchPorts service.

We buy IP transit from multiple Tier1 carriers in many regions of the world. If we are not already on-net to your upstream IP providers, we can start peering with them. This means that your VoIP gateways become on-net to DID Logic without only one network in between, basically a free MPLS straight to our IP edge.

Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.