VoIP service in Australia with Sydney SIP proxies 

Australian customers can send and receive SIP calls via our local Sydney PoP. DID Logic hands off your VoIP minutes to AAPT, Telstra, Primus, Optus and TNZI networks at very competitive, carrier-direct rates. LNP check performed with each call ensures your voice is routed using optimal carrier paths.

  • New Zealand mobiles at USD$ 0.041/minute - premium direct, full domestic/international CLI enabled. This is the best premium termination offer for New Zealand available anywhere. You might be able to find 4 cents/min at some European grey shop, which is 300 ms away, and that's greyroute, gentlemen. Our NZ SIP termination is Tier1 - ISDN grade, and the SIP gateway is right here in Sydney, not in Frankfurt.
  • Quality SIP termination to Australian fixed and mobile networks. Call rates to mobile networks start USD$0.078 (this is approx. AUD0.072), and there are no taxes of any kind. Send SIP calls from any hardware or software IPPBX or residential ATA. Low pings to Sydney, local media routing and no looping around through US West coast (there are many VoIP resellers who economize on bandwidth that way. Not our situation)
  • DID numbers with LNP in Australia and New Zealand - DID Logic provides geographical and 1300/1800 DID numbers. All area codes are available, and our porting agreements allow LNP with majority of carriers.

VoIP calls from Australia - a better solution

DID Logic locations are grouped into regional SIP nodes. Our gateways are TDM direct with major European and US incumbent LECs and are physically located in the Netherlands, Singapore, United States, France, Ireland, Germany and South Africa. We use intelligent routing in and out of Australia/New Zealand via IP transit carriers with wavelengths in both Southern Cross (Sydney) and AU-SG (Perth) cables. Route SIP voice via our Sydney proxy and we will take care of the rest via our MPLS network - no public Internet with 300+ ms pings to Europe/US is involved.

  • Unlimited channels. Send 10, 100 or 10000 channels at no extra charge. Only pay for minutes.
  • G711 u/a, G722 HD, GSM and G729 codecs supported, wideband codecs recommended.
  • Low rates to mobile networks in Australia and New Zealand. Excellent European and US pricing.
  • Premium SIP termination only - no grey routes, no economy routes. Tier1/PTT only.
  • Intelligent global RTP handling with path optimizing for EU/US DIDs SIP routed to Australia

High quality voice with local RTP over AU telcos

DID Logic invested significant amounts in maintaining direct routes exclusively. We avoid the use of transcoding and we insist customers use G711u, that way, we keep the media uncompressed all the way from the originating SIP endpoint to the TDM circuit of the target carrier. There are also pockets of HD-enabled destinations in Europe that make the use of of G722 high definition voice to the PSTN justified. If your SIP endpoint supports G722 codec, and the carrier network you are dialing allows HD subscriber handsents, we are typically able to pass HD voice all the way.

  1. Create your free didlogic.com account and instantly access all of our Australian pricing and coverage information. View our flatrate products and per-minute options.
  2. Instantly add virtual local numbers in Australia / New Zealand and setup additional services to activate your multiple SIP accounts service. Follow the easy configuration instructions and set your forwarding destination.
  3. Start receiving calls to your SIP device, any mobile or fixed number in the world or SIP address. Make outgoing calls from any SIP-based device and send your Caller ID to mobile and fixed networks in Australia and New Zealand.