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Zero Downtime Migration

Completely seamless, zero downtime toll-free DID portability.

Considering porting your toll-free numbers? DID Logic can offer better, more flexible terms on your toll-free service while greatly improving Quality of Service.

Letting go of your number provider is easier than you think

  • Consolidate service on the same network.
  • Increase channel capacity to handle your call loads.
  • Reduce delays and audio artifacts by eliminating third parties.
  • Reduce costs by negotiating a better deal.
  • Add redundant routing to your 800 toll-free lines at no charge.

In our direct service areas (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Brazil), we are typically able to negotiate switchover time at a certain hour of the day. This option provides your IT team with additional assurance and protection of your 24/7 business call flow. Toll-free porting is available in an additional 43 countries worldwide via our own connections with local incumbent carriers. Our experienced Engineering team will dedicate time to pre-test and configure your service, in order to ensure ported numbers are operational on your system the instant they're released by the loosing telco.

Easy integration into existing IP PBXes and third-party call center software

Numbers can be routed to your corporate IP PBX, forwarded to external telephone numbers, or pointed directly to your existing call center via standard SIP URI routing. We can accommodate SIP registration, IP addresses and hostnames.

Porting timescales and paperwork requirements

Let DID Logic deal with the number transfer process and paperwork. Our automated LNP portal enables you to fill in all the forms, submit phone bill copies if required, and receive status updates. Our team of experts will work with the carriers to expedite the number porting.

Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.