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SMS service

Messaging options with a global reach.

Add SMS functionality to your existing UC infrastructure. We have already taken care of the typical complexities associated with traditional TDM/SS7 interconnects and will pass your SMS directly to the Mobile Network Operators.

Use cases and industries:

  • Travel and hospitality

    Itinerary alerts, booking confirmation
  • Banking

    Account and transaction alerts, one-time password codes, fraud monitoring
  • Healthcare

    Patient alerts
  • Shipping

    Asset tracking
  • Recruiters

    Reach out to candidates
  • OTT apps

    New accounts verification

Easily integrate using CURL or HTTPS on any operating system, including Linux

GET /api/v1/sms?apiid=api_key GET SENT MESSAGES
POST /api/v1/sms?apiid=api_key&destination=+[did]&message=helloworld
GET /api/v1/sms/ID_SMS?apiid= api_key GET SMS STATUS
Inbound mobile numbers with SMS

Mobile DIDs can be integrated in the same way as geographical and toll-free DIDs, over a SIP trunk connection to your PBX. You can choose your inbound channel capacity and terminate outbound calls with the same mobile Caller ID.

The mobile messaging service relies on many network elements that all have to come together:

  • Realtime CDRs and reports
  • Standard SIP signalling support for CLI
  • Add your SIP gateway IPs
  • Realtime CDRs and reports
  • Standard SIP signalling support for CLI
  • Add your SIP gateway IPs

For those reasons, we are limiting mobile-enabled regions to only certain jurisdictions: Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Mexico, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA, Canada.

Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.