SIP trunk provider in France

Users in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East now have excellent alternative to using Frankfurt SIP proxies. Most of these regions are better connected to either Paris or Marseilles IP exchanges. If you are using international VoIP out of these locations, use our PoP in France rather than Germany. Access much better latency and reduce the amount of network transfer. 

  • France is one of the few European countries with transatlantic cable landings (in Plerin and Lannion), directly linking the French networks to US East Coast locations. Paris is a better choice than the overrated Frankfurt in this regard. Majority of international voice from Europe to the Middle East and Africa is also transported via the French ports (Penmarch-Yzerfontein ACE cable system, Marseille-Al Fujaurah-Jeddah and many more).

  • DID Logic provides local numbers in France with the SIP trunk. Geographical and NGN DID numbers are available.

  • Ample TDM capacity, France-IX connectivity and proximity of Equinix and Telecity exchanges. DID Logic can arrange access to multiple STM-1s on hot standby with 10 GigE of public Internet connectivity per each STM cluster, effectively an oversubscription by 8x to ensure SIP performance.

Direct routes to all mobile networks in France

DID Logic maintains multiple ingress points in France. You can use our multiple SBCs to send your SIP minutes in failover or load sharing mode. L2 VPN to our gateways is available. You can send valid CLI and enjoy the highest quality voice available in the region.

  • Unlimited channels. Send 10, 100 or 10000 channels at no extra charge.
  • G711 u/a, G722 HD, GSM and G729 codecs supported. 
  • Brilliant quality to the surrounding countries, the Middle East and African destinations.
  • Rates for French mobile networks start at $0.019/min, sub-penny to landlines
  • Premium SIP termination only - no grey routes, no economy routes.
  • VoIP traffic sent directly to the national terminating provider
  • Guaranteed CLI delivery and dynamic CLI for forwarded PSTN calls

France: seriously powerful networks - now closer to your server

Sending SIP calls via proxies in France reduces the latency and improves call quality. There is an unfortunate trend observed among call shops (and there are many) to operate with one node in Frankfurt. For users south and west of the German border - and north of the la Manche - this often represents a serious problem in terms of call delivery and voice quality. Your supplier may be "separating media and signalling" as they put it, but that does not reduce the amount of hops and network transfer.

France is directly connected to UK networks via a multitude of undersea cable systems, such as TAT-14, Tamares, CIRCE, FLAG Atlantic, HUGO and more. If you have voice traffic originating in the UK and terminating to areas in the Mediterranean , Middle East and West Africa, route through Paris or Marseilles, not Frankfurt.

The France-IX exchange is directly reachable from both Paris and Marseilles locations, as well as from multiple Interxion, Equinix, Telehouse, Telecity and SFR facilities in France. Interoute, Cogent and France Telecom have datacenters in Strasbourg.

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