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LLVS – Licensed Local Voice Service

Compliant, regulated in-country VoIP service.

Calls terminated over VoIP don't always deliver the same features as your local direct line. In select jurisdictions, we offer a suite of Licensed Local Voice Services to deliver local access — identical to office or residential PRI/BRI line.

What VoIP can't always deliver

Even if your carrier claims to have a presence in a particular country, traffic is often looping back to their aggregation point serving the entire region when you use A-Z products. Some even use a single European facility for absolutely everything, including Asia Pacific and South America.

Typical challenges with vanilla A—Z aggregators are:

  • Reaching toll-free numbers. In many countries, such as Ireland and Brazil, access to 800 lines is only possible from local carriers and calls must originate in-country.
  • Calling directory assistance, info lines, 0900 and special codes. These services require a local carrier to originate calls and enable reverse billing. Not available over VoIP.
  • Locally formatted CallerIDs. Over wholesale VoIP, your calls are treated as international and displayed in E.164 format, with a leading + sign and country code.
  • Standard A—Z termination products don't come with access to toll-free numbers, local short codes, premium or value-added codes, and other country-specific features.

Higher class of service

With LLVS, you can deliver a completely local calling experience to your users on location. This functionality is not available on just any SIP trunk product:

  • Delivered under license from a national carrier.
  • In-country media gateways. No looping.
  • Dial out to local short codes and service lines.
  • Compliant with local VoIP regulations.
  • Available E911/emergency dialing access.

Europe: Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands.
Asia Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong.
Americas: United States, Brazil.

Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.