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High-quality international voice services

We have the network assets and the engineering talent you need.

24/7 eyes-on-glass NOC teams
in 3 time zones

Are you struggling with a mixture of random suppliers to deliver consistent quality for your voice applications?
DID Logic can offer local resources and regional telecom expertise to help you overcome those challenges.
Internet Exchanges
Tier1 providers

Workforce quality

Our voice experts have hands-on experience with a variety of PBX gear and can help you navigate the regulatory environment in a specific country. You will not get redirected from one department to another.

  • Support by Network Engineers holding an active Cisco CCIE certification.
  • Receive support responses directly from Engineering team.
  • Account managers and engineers take responsibility and own your issue.


  • In-country connections. No loops.
  • Multiple domestic carriers per PoP.
  • National mobile and fixed operators.
  • Homed to the same local facility
    as the carrier.


  • Listed carrier member in key IXPs.
  • IP transit from Tier 1 carriers.
  • Own Autonomous System and RIPE space.
  • Own hardware, racks and cross-connects.


  • In-country SIM testing.
  • Manual calls placed by QC staff.
  • POLQA testing (Perceptual Model).
  • Live human monitoring.


  • Guaranteed CLI and DTMF support.
  • Correct ringback tones in each country.
  • Clear, natural audio and no compression.
  • Minimal perceived voice delays.