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Creating an account with DID Logic.
Explore our coverage and services. DID Logic has more local build-outs and more international voice PoPs than any other DID provider. We're happy to help you along with your onboarding milestones. Basic accounts are ready for production after initial $25 minimum top-up (after a short first-time payment verification period).

Register an account

The very first step is creating your free account with DID Logic.
  1. Ensure that your registration email is valid. It becomes your master username.
  2. Allow 'didlogic' in your mail filtering rules. Verification link will be sent.
  3. Enter your company details in the 'Profile' section. This information will be used to generate invoices.
  4. Pick a group email that reaches a larger group of individuals (such as 'operations' or 'it-purchases') so to ensure that account notifications are seen by all.

Browse through our products

You can see coverage, cost and channel capacity information by going to the main BUY screen.
  • View flatrate channel capacity in your region.
  • View inbound charges on toll-free numbers and MOU-based DIDs.
  • View available cities.
  • View call forwarding costs (if routing to PSTN).

Add funds

You can top-up using PayPal and all major credit cards.
  • We use Geotrust EV SSL for all data transmission.
  • No financial information is stored; all data is handled on the processing bank end as encrypted tokens.
  • Your very first payment will not reflect in the account instantly. A follow-up email will be sent immediately after you top-up. Please reply to it directly.

Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.