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SwitchPorts – free private 1Gbps link

Secure, reliable and unmetered connection for your VoIP server.

Eliminate the public Internet jitter
and packet loss

Hosting your PBX on dedicated hardware and connecting to your SIP trunk providers over the public Internet? DID Logic can provide a dedicated gigabit port for your VoIP traffic, for free. No need to order cross-connects and pay monthly fiber transport fees.

Setting up SwitchPorts requires no advanced networking skills. At participating hosting providers, your hosted PBX server will automatically route packets to our SwitchPorts edge, out of the box.

Zero hops in between — connected directly to your PBX
Ultra low latency — sub-1 ms round trip delay


VoIP traffic completely bypasses the Internet and remains on a private, isolated VLAN within the facility’s switching fabric. Safeguard your confidential communications. Suitable for medical, government and financial sectors.


Zero hops between your network port and ours guarantee the absolute best attainable VoIP performance. Jitter and packet loss are completely eliminated. Latency is virtually absent. This is the same as plugging your LAN cable to a local router.


SwitchPorts service operates at full uncontended gigabit speed. At even half the utilization, 500 Mbit/s, the link can support 5,000 simultaneous G711u/a encoded voice channels on a single port. This ultra-fast port also frees up capacity on your primary PBX uplink.

Two types of SwitchPorts are available:


Zero configuration option: your packets are routed to our gateways over private LAN by default. Point your PBX to the same SIP gateway as always.


Second network card on your
server connected to your hosting provider’s private network. Point to the 10.X.X.X private address to access
DID Logic.

SwitchPorts locations:

  • INAP Santa Clara, CA.
  • INAP New York Metro.
  • SmartDC, Rotterdam NL.
  • Telecity 4, Amsterdam NL.
  • Digital Pacific Sydney, Australia.
Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.