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24 carrier exchange locations

Your VoIP routing remains in-country.
No looping.
Data Center
Transit PoPs
The network that is built on centrally located, highly secure and extremely carrier-dense data centers.


All our facilities offer sub-millisecond guaranteed access to international backbones. We source additional budgets to obtain the best mix of upstream networks and high QoS metrics in each region.

Carrier fabric

We have designed and implemented peering agreements and physical meet-me room interconnects so that you can access virtually any carrier using the nearby facility in your geographic location. Choose from standard SIP transport over the public Internet or DC-local Ethernet access.

Low latency

Physical proximity to cable heads and cross-ocean fiber landings guarantee the lowest latency available on the market. From Cape Town to Stockholm, there is always a local SIP gateway available.

Directly connected to Tier 1 providers

The PCCW is a global network, media and unified communications provider with presence in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Headquartered in Hong Kong, PCCW Global owns the largest IP network in Asia, reaching 400+ cities.
GTT operates a Tier 1 network, ranked in the top five in the world. GTT's global backbone spans 250+ global PoPs. With over 10 terabit capacity, GTT can deliver real-time media over the most direct, low-latency route available.
Telia Carrier is a Tier 1 provider, second largest in the world as of 2014. The company is an IP, Ethernet and infrastructure provider with 200 PoPs worldwide.
Telia owns and operates a vast 43000 km mult-terabit network, selling primarily to wholesale and telecom customers.
NTT Communications is a global network and data center provider. NTT operates one of the world's largest global Tier 1 backbones, reaching Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. NTT has peering relationships with every other Tier 1 carrier, and can reach any network location without paying for transit from another network.


We specialize in premium voice transport and operate our own Autonomous System (AS 13006). Leverage the power of our worldwide IX memberships and experience a dramatic reduction in post-dial delays (PDD) and audio latency.