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Automated Porting – LNP portal guide

Electronic number porting tools.

DID number porting tool

Through our online LNP portal, you can submit, sign, track and manage your DID number porting requests.

Check these items to avoid loosing carrier rejection

Full port – all numbers on the same account to be ported away (rarely applies).

BTN – billing telephone number, primary phone number that identifies your account to the loosing carrier.

Wireless account – in the United States, mobile carriers protect numbers with a PIN and optionally SSN.

Requested port date – at least 5 business days from port submission date.

More porting tools

Our team of experienced engineers can assist you with porting toll-free and local DID numbers in many countries worldwide. Switching to DID Logic can help your callcenter or branch office save on toll-free costs and greatly improve call quality.

LNP user guide

1. Accept porting terms.

Lnp4 2

2. Validate the number and pre-build future SIP routing.


3. Loosing carrier account information.

Lnp3 1

4. Loosing carrier contact.


5. Verify and submit.

Lnp1 1

6. E-sign your port order.


Number will be pre-built in your control panel. The moment it ports, it rings to your PBX.