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Toll-free DID number pricing

Efficient, high-capacity inbound products
for your call center or office PBX.

Enterprise-grade toll-free service is available in many markets in the world, including several exclusive, hard-to-get locations. Toll-free DID products rely on our own network and deliver optimized experience with unique local routing.

Country Monthly cost Inbound minute Channels (free upgrades for all)
US/Canada $0,99 $0,018 96
UK $0,99 $0,059 120
Australia $14,00 $0,060 180
New Zealand $27,99 $0,238 20
Brazil $19,99 $0,270 20
Malaysia $14,00 $0,065 30
Hong Kong $45,00 $0,060 30
Japan $9,00 $0,240 24
Indonesia $19,00 $0,259 60
France $9,99 $0,110 60
Italy $8,99 $0,390 30
Israel $15,00 $0,089 60
Spain $9,99 $0,350 60
Kenya $11,00 $0,270 30

Free channels and no
upgrade costs

You pay nothing for channels, seats, or licenses. The only costs to you are the monthly fee and inbound minute charge. Engineering can quickly scale inbound channels to ensure that your organization can handle hundreds, or thousands if needed, simultaneous inbound calls.

Local call center

Our toll-free number solutions are used in very large production setups worldwide. We have 10+ year experience working with North American, Australian, Asian and African telephone carriers and ISPs building large-scale inbound number solutions.

Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.