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Forward your virtual number

Divert to landlines for $0.002 per minute.

Answer calls to your virtual number anywhere. Forward incoming calls from your DID Logic number to your actual location at extremely low per-minute rates. DID numbers can ring your SIP device, landline or mobile phone, or be set up to work with our call hunt/call groups service to ring multiple destinations — at once or sequentially.

Follow-me service for office or personal use

  • You can answer calls anywhere in the world. Callers pay local rate for the call. Your office or call center can be located in any country – answer calls as usual.
  • Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by eliminating roaming charges: receive your calls for free when traveling outside your home country.
  • Keep your real number confidential by giving out your virtual number, which can be forwarded to anywhere.
  • Use as your own personal calling card: set several designated virtual local numbers to ring to phone numbers you dial most frequently, and save with our incredibly low call-forwarding rates.

Call hunt

If the first destination does not answer, our system can try the next destination you specified. For example, you can forward calls to your office number. If the first number in your call group does not answer, the system will try the next number from the call hunt list.

Simultaneous ringing

Make sure your calls are always answered by setting up simultaneous ring-to groups. Calls will be forwarded to multiple phone numbers or SIP addresses. The first destination that answers will be connected to the caller.

Multiple forwarding

Calls will be sent to all members of the group simultaneously or based on your own schedule. Virtual numbers from DID Logic can ring several locations in multiple countries. Answer calls anywhere in any order.

Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.