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News and updates

VCC Live partners with DID Logic to provide region-specific voice services

12 May 2022


Budapest, Hungary, 12.05.2022 - VCC Live, a leading cloud contact center solutions provider, and DID Logic, provider of international voice termination and DIDs, have partnered to help ensure quality, region-specific voice services for contact centers worldwide.

This partnership will focus on providing VCC Live's clients with DID numbers — which include a local number displayed — as well as voice terminations. One of the reasons why VCC Live selected DID Logic for this partnership was the latter’s flexible SIP trunk configuration, and rapid desecalation and issue resolution. The teams at DID Logic and VCC Live are dedicated to working together closely to deliver the best experience for contact centers, regardless of geographic region.

"Providing exceptional voice quality is a key component of our multichannel contact center software. We support companies around the world by facilitating millions of crystal-clear calls via our platform," said Akos Tajnel, Channel Sales Manager at VCC Live. "DID Logic has built an excellent online platform for DID services that helps us deliver our clients with region-specific voice connection handling. These services are now used by some of our key clients in Europe and APAC."

“We are happy to have VCC Live among our key partners in EMEA region and power VCC Live cloud contact center solution with local and international voice termination and phone numbers,” said Maria Vened, Channel Manager at DID Logic. “I believe that the close cooperation between DID Logic and VCC Live will create new capabilities and the best-in-class service to our clients.“

About VCC Live (

Fully customizable with no user coding required, VCC Live's platform is equipped with powerful features to level up the full scope of contact center activities. With a high Net Promoter Score across our 400 global clients, our mission is to adapt our platform for each and every client and to afford them with a genuine mechanism for success. In more than 15 years of contact center experience of working with clients across diverse sectors, we’ve helped companies overcome countless challenges. We channel our broad awareness into the continuous development of our platform and its array of channels and features.

About DID Logic (

DID Logic is a global telecom carrier. We provide direct, low latency access to regional voice carriers in over 12 worldwide hub locations. We own the hardware and the interconnects and run our own network by peering with major Tier 1s in multiple IX locations on every continent. DID Logic serves household brands, non-profits and logo customers such as Unicef, Avast, Viagogo, Etsy, Ubuntu, and many others. For more than 13 years, DID Logic has been helping call centers, tech companies, OTTs, providers, e-commerce, non-profits, and inbound customer care services build their top-notch communications with their clients. For more information, visit