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RLX — the RouteLogic Exchange

Exchange-powered wholesale VoIP termination.

For over ten years DID Logic has been providing Exchange services to carriers worldwide. You can now access our carrier community over a single SIP connection.

Highest-quality VoIP termination

DID Logic offers network access points in more regions of the world than any other VoIP provider. SIP gateways are available in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France, South Africa, Canada, USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, Australia (2 PoPs) and New Zealand.

We have one of the longest track records in the entire industry: over ten years of serving international carriers. Our platform connects DIDs for MNOs, CLECs and Tier1s in dozens of countries. You can now leverage our carrier connections to buy VoIP termination at wholesale rates.

Expertly designed network and our own
Points of Presence

  • Switching and routing relies on dedicated voice hardware — NO CLOUD.
  • We buy floor space and cabinets directly from the data center operator.
  • DID Logic is a listed member carriers in data centers we operate in.
  • DID Logic is a member of local telecom associations and Internet Exchanges (IX).
  • We invest heavily into capacity and buy IP transit from leading Asian and European Tier1s.
  • We beat competitors' ping, jitter and latency metrics.
2 Tiers of A-Z voice termination services

With the ULTRA class of service, calls are delivered directly to Tier1s, PTTs and MNOs if interconnections are in place. International CLI support and dual DTMF are enabled.

The NONCLI product relies on indirect suppliers or direct connections with stripped CLIs. This product is very competitively priced and supports dialer/telemarketing in select countries.

  • Realtime CDRs and reports.
  • Standard SIP signalling support for CLI.
  • Add your SIP gateway IPs.
  • G711 u/a, G711HD and G729 codecs.
  • Separate your traffic by prefix.
  • SIP servers available in Asia, Europe, USA.
Free trial is available for IT infrastructure managers and developers.