A free online exchange platform that brings you additional sales

Faster payouts and no minimum requirements or monthly fees. It's completely free to you as a vendor, and the only requirement is to route your unused DIDs to <SIP/XXXXX@sip.didlogic.net>
When our customer pays for your DID, funds are credited to your account. All billing is done for you automatically - you only have to withdraw profits with a click of a button.


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We do all the work. You collect the payments. Simple!

DID Logic is your turnkey distribution channel to the world. We take care of your entire sales, marketing and billing process – as a VOIP service provider, you only need to route your unused numbers to our SIP gateway and collect the profits.

  1. We take care of customer service: no need to deal with individual buyers or ever provide support

  2. We provide the billing platform. Collect profits monthly via single payment

  3. Charge for inbound minutes or set free minutes limit

  4. Limit channels allowed using our gateway side. No need to configure your side

  5. Leave security to us: DID Logic handles identity/address requirements and enforces US/EU data laws compliance

Your sales are waiting

In the globalization age, the number of people permanently residing outside of their home countries, or regularly traveling internationally, has increased exponentially. No matter what country you operate in, at DID Logic, we will always find buyers for you. Out of 500 million estimated global VoIP users population, only a fraction is using DID numbers and the growth potential is infinite.

  1. Create your free didlogic.com account and instantly access all of our pricing and coverage information. View our flatrate products and per-minute options.
  2. Instantly add virtual local numbers and setup additional services to activate your multiple SIP accounts service. Follow the easy configuration instructions and set your forwarding destination.
  3. Start receiving calls to your SIP device, any mobile or fixed number in the world or Skype/Gtalk account. Make outgoing calls from any SIP-based device and send your Caller ID.