Three good reasons to start using DIDLogic:

  1. Quality

    • Provider problems? We can fix that
    • Your pickiest clients - now satisfied
    • ISDN grade ulaw or G722 HD voice
    • Low PDD and extremely high ASRs
    • Guaranteed CLI, premium SIP trunk
    • 0.2 millisecond to incumbent LECs
    • Managed routes, end to end control
  2. High capacity

    • Focus on your business, not VoIP 
    • High-load, mission critical projects
    • Dramatic call success improvement
    • 3 or more Tier-1 hot standby routes
    • Geo-redundant: 5 availability zones
    • Instantly scale up your channels
    • Set and forget: any volume managed
  3. Pricing

    • $0.002 US/Canada, $.006 EU metro
    • EU mobile networks: $0.02 and up
    • Open pricing policy. All rates posted
    • DID numbers from $0.39/month
    • Toll-free 800 service, porting available
    • 100% coverage in many markets
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Instant account

Please close that other browser tab with Google search results for "sip termination" now. 

You are shown several paid links from companies that spend top dollar on No.1 Adwords position (when you charge users $400/month for a SIP trunk with 2 US DID numbers, investors will make you to). The other 100 websites are selling you Betamax termination, and they all miraculously have "direct interconnect agreements with over 500 carriers" - even though the world does not have 500 national incumbents. We understand your frustration. Your project deserves premium voice routing only. With the level of operational efficiency, traffic visibility and performance metrics available at DID Logic, you can link your gateway directly to the target terminating carrier, step up your game, and run with the big dogs.

"Cloud" becomes fog when it goes down. 

No flavor-of-the-month technologies here. "Cloud SIP trunking" and "next-generation SIP trunking" are prime examples. Virtualized softswitches, hosted reseller platforms, and anything "cloud-based" is usually associated with higher latency, noticeable sound quality drop, increased jitter and capacity limitations. Your Google results literally scream about everything "cloud" and "next generation", the latest market fads. Resellers don't like to talk about the TDM handover part; they'd rather pretend it does not exist. When your business requires premium grade PSTN connectivity, you cannot afford listening to stories of babies being brought by storks.

Carrier grade international voice termination 

is typically offered by very large multinational players and PTTs such as Verizon, AT&T, Cable&Wireless, Telefónica and a select few other telecom giants with massive global portfolio of legacy networks, tandem access, and fiber assets. Use caution when choosing a SIP provider. Look for physical presence at Equinix, Telecity, Global Switch, Telehouse America locations. Look for Ancotel listing. All of the SEO effort and Google rank of those "wholesale SIP termination" shops will not change the basic fact that most SIP traffic ends up as TDM at the voice switch port before entering the national telephone network in the country you are calling. Sending your calls through reseller's rented systems may sometimes leave the quality almost unchanged, but that's the best case scenario.  

We focus on the TDM voice part of the SIP trunking. 

National carriers manage the rest - fiber networks, COs, copper plants, cable heads, underground ducts and CPEs. They always have, for decades, before there was fiber and before there was IP and VoIP. Nothing has changed significantly since Bell Labs developed the first channel bank. We simply put you as close to your PSTN destination as possible (sometimes as close as 0.2 ms). SIP is merely the signaling protocol that simplifies call initiation. Few other International Voice providers do this, too, and that type of capacity often comes at a premium. DIDLogic is affordable. We do not impose restrictive minimums and our pricing is carrier direct. All rates are set by member vendors. Our outbound SIP termination product is unique in the industry: we do not add any margin and pass the lowest possible pricing directly to the end user. Our policy is to add nothing to the actual per-minute cost that is made available to us through carrier agreements.

The bottom line: 

we can help your business by offering lower international minute pricing, better voice quality AND higher channel capacity. Most other solutions available in the business VoIP world today will not perform equally well in all three departments at the same time:

- Very economic carrier rates   
- Toll-quality or higher (HD G.722) voice 
- No channel capacity charges

  • Send SMS

    Send cheap text messages to any
    mobile number in the world.
  • Subaccounts

    Create multiple accounts to split
    billing. Use in several locations and
    control costs.
  • Mobile apps

    iPhone and Android apps available.
    Nokia SIP compatible, use with any
    other smartphone platform.
  • Web callback

    Advanced online callback - IP part
    is free. Connect any 2 phones, or
    or Skype username, or a SIP address
    in any combination.
  • SIP trunking

    Premium termination with unlimited
    channels. No grey routes ever and
    full Asterisk support. Carrier direct
    Tier1 voice at wholesale pricing.
  • Sell your DIDs

    CLECs and ITSPs: sell your unused
    DIDs here. Get DID capacity from
    any other member. Excellent DID
    exchange tolls to buy and sell DIDs.
  • Call groups

    Easily setup personal follow-me
    service to simultaneously ring a
    group of your phone numbers or
    SIP devices.
  • Free Skype and Google Talk

    Forward your DID numbers to Skype
    or Gtalk. Free service to answer
    virtual numbers on Skype.

Honest, granular SIP call rates with breakouts:

The problem with Skype, calling cards and various "cheap voip" websites is the lack of granular pricing. We break down each country by network, long distance zone and access type. Most destinations are 2 and often 3 times cheaper than Skype. Not only this beats many "cheap call" clones you see all over the Internet. This also makes sense and saves you money.

Virtual numbers around the world

DID Logic is a worldwide network connecting CLECs and ISTPs in 50+ countries. We provide simple and logical online VoIP tools. Our customers can quickly add DID numbers in any country we cover and setup inbound routing in minutes. There are no minimums or monthly fees - none.

Access to sub-penny international calls from any device

Just like thousands of competitors, we provide SIP accounts and access to premium SIP termination. What sets us apart? At DID Logic, we believe everyone should be able to make calls at $0.002 per minute - without committing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars per month. We pass the lowest possible call rates from our vendors directly to our customers – adding nothing to the cost of minute. You can use DID Logic from your iPhone, your IP PBX, hardware ATA or your smartphone/computer – for fraction of a penny per minute.

Value-added services at no additional cost

DID Logic also offers convenient add-on services at no extra cost. Forward DID numbers to your SIP IPBX,  PSTN or setup call hunt groups. Use our super-convenient Webcall feature. There are no "call plans" and no "free" minutes – one logical price structure. No games. No $20/month subscriptions that come with just 1 DID number and no value whatsoever.

Worldwide marketplace for national carriers

DID Logic provides free VoIP exchange platform for CLECs and ITSPs around the world to sell their origination to thousands of our customers. Local phone companies sell their unused DID numbers through DID Logic and receive a single consolidated payment we collect from our users on their behalf. All without ever having to worry about any of the support and billing issues.

Rock-solid infrastructure

DIDLogic service is maintained, designed, serviced and coded by a talented team of U.S. and Hong-Kong based engineers, with some of the support and billing staff located in several Asian Pacific and European locations. Like Twitter, DIDLogic is using Ruby on Rails for most of its web applications. Various flavors of Linux/BSD are used as the underlying OSes for the firewall and load balancer segments. We primarily rely on GENBAND™ and Sonus™ systems to terminate your IP voice into the target carrier networks. Hardware on hot standby in a redundant N+1 configuration (both isolated redundant systems and parallel redundant systems are on standby at any given moment) ensures zero downtime and infinite scalability.

It's fast – United States and Europe

Your account pages will load fast. We made sure our SIP service has the best pings, low jitter and is reachable with very few hops from almost every corner of the world (unless you're on a flaky satellite internet connection).

DID Logic is secure.

For billing, personal information, account and DID control pages, we use full-time HTTPS with 256-bit encryption. It's an overkill – for example, Google Apps only uses 128-bit. We do not store your credit card information because all charges are handled by Paypal and WorldPay. We are secure. Your privacy is respected. We do not bill automatically. The service is prepaid. You will not see charges you did not authorize yourself.

DID Logic also offers optional VoiceVPN service. VoIP over VPN (virtual private network) is used to make and receive secure, encrypted calls over VPN connection that protects your conversations end-to-end. With VoiceVPN, you can operate from anywhere in the world and make completely protected, undetectable private SIP calls.

Your privacy rights are protected

A very knowledgeable legal team from an outsourced consulting company is working with DID Logic to make sure your personally identifiable information, as well as any other eligible data, are fully protected in compliance with the laws of United States and European Union, as well as with many other jurisdictions in the world.