1 Register
  • Choose login
  • Accept terms 
  • Activate account 
  • Complete profile
2 Buy number
  • Add money
  • Choose DID number
  • Forward the number
3 Enjoy the service
  • Use outbound SIP
  • Save up with Webcall
  • Setup softphone,
    ATA or Asterisk


  1. Choose login. Your email address will be your login to the DIDLogic account. One-time, disposable addresses will not work. Choose a password and enter the captcha characters.
  2. Terms and conditions. You will need to agree to our terms of service before creating an account.
  3. Activation email. You will receive an email from robot@didlogic.com. Be sure to click the activation link in that message. Until you do, your DIDLogic account will not work. If you do not see an email within a minute or so, try searching your spam folder. It is also a good idea to whitelist all @didlogic.com addresses with your email provider.
  4. Profile manager. Save time – enter your details. You will not need to type in the destinations again. This is a very convenient feature. Adding your SIP address, skype username, PSTN (default phone forwarding, no + and no 00, only the country code-number) allows you to quickly setup forwarding on any DIDs you add later. There are also 3 security levels you can choose: Fast – http only, Normal – login information sent via https and the rest in plain text, and Fulltime HTTPS – the most secure mode.

Buying a number

  1. Add money to your account to purchase DID numbers: Go to "Funds". If you are a new user, security warning will appear:

    and you will be taken to a PayPal payment page to complete your transaction. You will receive another email from DIDLogic, and it is important that you answer it. Please do not use generic phrases and "yes" or "OK" answers; it will increase the time it takes for your payment to clear. We will need to receive an answer that is several sentences long. It only takes few minutes for our security department to manually review your payment; if there are no problems found with your PayPal transactions – and there aren't normally any – you'll be approved as soon as you answer that separate 2nd email we send you. Once verified, you will no longer need to do this, and your payments will post instantly.

  2. Buying a number is covered in the "How to buy DIDs" section. After you have added the DID to your account, you will be able to forward it to your Skype username, your SIP address (like myusername@sip.voipcheap.com) or a regular phone number any where in the world (PSTN). For example, to forward your new number to a UK landline, choose "PSTN" and enter "442012349000" as the destination. Do not use the + sign or any 00/011 prefixes. Forwarding to a US number would look like "12125551212".

Additional services

Adding outbound SIP option. You can make calls using any SIP device, softphone or IP PBX like Asterisk. First, enable outbound SIP in your DIDLogic account by clicking on "SIP". Your SIP username will be a 5-digit number. Set the password (you can change it later):

And choose the Caller ID to send:

Softphone setup. These instructions are specific to Xlite, however, any other softphone will have similar fields. Just make sure you are using "didlogic.com" (or "") as the SIP host, your numeric username as your login name, and your SIP password as the secret. Remember: the SIP login and password are different from your account login. Use the SIP credientials for ATAs and other devises you setup.


It is very important that you send the correct username and password to our SIP registrar. If you make a mistake, your IP address will be banned forever after 3 incorrect attempts. This ban cannot be undone and you will need to use a different public IP.

ATA setup. The screenshot below is specific to the Linksys PAP2-T/SIpura devices, however, you can easily apply the same setup logic to any other hardware device:


Asterisk setup. PDF setup guide Here is the example trunk configuration that will work with Elastix, FreePBX, A2billing and many other distribution that use Asterisk as the underlying system for the LAMP front end:
username=12345 ; your numberic SIP username
secret=your_password ; use the SIP password previously set by you

register string: 12345:your_password@sip.didlogic.com (must have active registration to make dial out)

Important: dialing format is E164. Dialing with 00 or 011 in front will not work. You need to send the dialed number full international format, with country code, area code and number (1 for NANPA countries). Dialing US/Canada requires a "1" in front.

Correctly dialed:
442012345678 – United Kingdom
12125551212 – USA
19055551212 – Canada
4915151234567 – Germany

Incorrectly dialed:
011442012345678 or 00442012345678 or 02012345678 – this is NOT how you dial UK
2125551212 or 9055551212 – this is NOT how you call US/Canada, must dial with "1" in front.