1 Download and install Linphone for PC Linphone download page

Linphone download page

2 Run Linphone and uncheck “Enable self-view” in “Options”

Screen Shot 2012 04 06 At 12.15.49 Am

3 Go to “Linphone”, “Preferences” to enter setup

Screen Shot 2012 04 06 At 12.15.58 Am

4 In the settings window, click “Manage SIP acconts” and choose “ADD”:

Screen Shot 2012 04 06 At 12.16.06 Am

5 Enter your DID Logic SIP login information.

Important: before you can make and receive SIP calls, you will need to create a
SIP userna me and password in your didlogic.com account – these are not created automatically when you sign up. To create your numeric username and setup a password (they are NOT THE SAME as your website password and account number!) please see these instructions.

Screen Shot 2012 04 06 At 12.16.18 Am

SIP identity: sip:XXXXX@sip.didlogic.net
Where XXXXX is your 5-digit numeric SIP login (not account ID) SIP proxy address is sip:sip.didlogic.net
Register at startup = yes
Click “OK”

6 Password required notice will pop-up. Enter your new SIP account and enter your SIP password (not website password)

Screen Shot 2012 04 06 At 12.16.26 Am

Click “Done” at the “Settings” screen

7 Linphone should display your account registration status:

Screen Shot 2012 04 06 At 12.16.33 Am

8 Enter the number you wish to call and click the green “Call” icon:

Remember, dialing format is E.164. Do not dial 011 or 00 in front. For example, if calling London UK, dial 44 20 1234-5678.
Always dial “country code”, “area code”, “phone number”. More examples: 49-1515-1500000 – Germany
33-1-52050000 – France 351-1-9000000 – Portugal
If dialing within US/Canada, you must dial “1” before the area code and number. For example, to call New York, dial 1-212-555-1212 and not “212-555-1212”.

Screen Shot 2012 04 06 At 12.16.41 Am

9 Changing codec preference – go to “Linphone”, “Preferences”, “Codecs”

Screen Shot 2012 04 06 At 12.16.50 Am

If you are using WiFi and the underlying broadband connection is fast and reliable, use “PCMU” (PCMU is G711u). When making SIP calls over 3G connection, you can sometimes experience delays and sound quality issues. Although many 3G networks provide enough speed for G711 codec to be used, sometimes, to improve voice quality, you may need to switch to GSM codec.