Installation Instructions for the Linux ISO Version of 3CX

1 Upload the ISO Image to Vultr, from the URL which is provided by 3CX.


2 Add the ISO Image into Vultr, by giving it the proper URL provided by 3CX.

2 3 Cx For Linux

3 Go to Server information, then click on custom ISO , then click on Attach ISO and Reboot.

This will allow the VM to boot from the ISO.

3 3 Cx For Linux

4 Click on View Console to view the server itself, in order to start the installation of 3CX.

4 3 Cx For Linux

Then click on “install” to start the installation.

5 3 Cx For Linux

5 Enter in your root password for the installation of Linux, which is not the same as the admin password in 3CX, This is the Linux Root Password for Console Access.

6 3 Cx For Linux

6 Choose to use the entire Disk.

7 3 Cx For Linux

7 Confirm and write changes to Disk.

8 3 Cx For Linux

8 Once completed, Linux will reboot the VM. At this point you’ll need to go back to the Vultr Web Interface to tell it to not boot anymore from the ISO.

9 3 Cx For Linux

So, we’ll need to “Remove ISO” by going to Server details, then Custom ISO -> Settings.

10 3 Cx For Linux

9 When the ISO is removed from the boot process, click to view console again, to and continue the installation.

11 3 Cx For Linux

10 Choose option 1, for the web browser configuration setup.

12 3 Cx For Linux

Then Open a new browser window and navigate to your IP Addres:5015 .

13 3 Cx For Linux

11 At this point, continue with installation, and answer all Questions and enter your License Key. 

14 3 Cx For Linux

12 At this point you’ll be asked to choose a Username and Password for the Administration of 3CX.

15 3 Cx For Linux

13 Choose Public Static IP Address.

16 3 Cx For Linux

14 Choose the port you’d want to use on the Web to access 3CX.

17 3 Cx For Linux

15 After completing all steps in the installation, you’ll be given all the details necessary in order to login to the main 3CX PBX administration on your server.

18 3 Cx For Linux