Setup instructions

VoIP clients, softphones, ATA and Asterisk-like IPPBX


Frequently asked question

How it works?

DIDLogic is an exchange platform for origination and long-distance services. We are a neutral party; you connect with our vendors and pay carrier-direct pricing. Unlike thousands "cheap call" and "virtual numbers" sites out there, we are a true exchange.
  • Subaccounts

    Create multiple accounts to split
    billing. Use in several locations and
    control costs.
  • Mobile apps

    iPhone and Android apps available.
    Nokia SIP compatible, use with any
    other smartphone platform.
  • SIP trunking

    Premium termination with unlimited
    channels. No grey routes ever and
    full Asterisk support. Carrier direct
    Tier1 voice at wholesale pricing.
  • Sell your DIDs

    CLECs and ITSPs: sell your unused
    DIDs here. Get DID capacity from
    any other member. Excellent DID
    exchange tolls to buy and sell DIDs.
  • Call groups

    Easily setup personal follow-me
    service to simultaneously ring a
    group of your phone numbers or
    SIP devices.
  • Free Skype and Google Talk

    Forward your DID numbers to Skype
    or Gtalk. Free service to answer
    virtual numbers on Skype.