To sell your numbers, you will need to map those to server in E.164 format.

Example: SIP/ (you are selling the DID +442012345678)

You then have to specify the details for your DID number at "Sell" section - DID, Activation cost, monthly fee, free minutes, per minute rate, channels and codec:


DID number - Enter the number for sale you have mapped to our platform.

Country - Will be detected automatically.

Area - Will be detected automatically. In case of errors or inaccuracies fround, please let us know.

Activation cost - How much do you want to charge for number activation in USD.

Monthly fee - What monthy fee you wish to receive every month for this DID number.

Unlimited minutes - Check this box if you want to offer unlimited minutes with your DIDs.

Free minutes - Numer of free minutes included in monthly fee.

Per minute - Per minute rate to charge once the free minutes have been used up.

Channels - Number of concurrent channels your number supports.

Codec - The codec type you are using. Default codec is G711.

Our exchange platform will automatically check your DID by placing a call through PSTN. If our systems receive that DID number coming to us in a right format, your number will be available to other users for purchasing. All members will see your DIDs for sale at the price you specify.

*note that you will not be able to see your own numbers for sale in the "Buy" section.

Make sure that all of your numbers have CHECKED state - that means you that your numbers are available. In case number check fails, please make sure that you have mapped did number to or contact our technical support.

Also you are able to put multiple numbers for sale by using the "Multipme numbers" and "From CSV" options.

When your number is sold you will receive an automatic notification by email. And after 30 calendar days, your account will be credited for this purchase, and you will be able to withdraw your funds by PayPal.

If your DID stops working, DID Logic will refund the buyer should the outage last longer than 24 hours. You will not be credited for the current month and the monthly fee will be refunded back to the buyer's account.

Any changes to your pricing on existing numbers that buyers have already purchased must be announced 3 months in advance. Please see Terms and Conditions for details.

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