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Bria/X-lite from CounterPath

Basic setup guide

X-lite from CounterPath is a powerful and free SIP softphone for Windows. Xlite download page:

PLEASE READ FIRST: Make sure you are using your numeric SIP login and SIP password. This is not the the same as your website username. The SIP login username is not your billing ID - using it will result in "Account failed to enable" message from X-lite . To create your SIP username, please log on to, click the "SIP" tab and generate the SIP credentials before proceeding!

1. Download and install X-lite. Run the program and go to “Softphone”, “Account settings” (blue link).

Bria setup guide 1

2. Enter your DID Logic SIP login information.

Important: before you can make and receive SIP calls, you will need to create a SIP username and password in your account – these are not created automatically when you sign up. To create your numeric username and setup a password (they are NOT THE SAME as your website password and account number)!

Bria setup guide 2

Allow this account for: Call;
User ID: your numeric SIP login (not account ID);
Domain: sip.*** ;
Password: your SIP password (not website password);
Tick: Register with domain and receive calls.

Save settings by clicking “OK”.

Return to the main screen. X-lite will register to sip.*** with your SIP credentials.

3. Windows may display a firewall warning. Select “Unblock”.

4. You are now ready to make international calls at super low rates!

Bria setup guide 3

Remember, dialing format is E.164. Do not dial 011 or 00 in front. 

For example, if calling London UK, dial 44 20 1234-5678.

Always dial “country code”, “area code”, “phone number”. 

More examples:
49-1515-1500000 – Germany;
33-1-52050000 – France;
351-1-9000000 – Portugal.