Virtual local numbers in over 50 countries

Local DID number is a real telephone number from the area code of your particular city, town or region. Answer calls in another city or country for free and save on roaming charges:

  • Friends, family and business associates can call your local DID number and pay just the local rate for the call.
  • Establish instant presence in a foreign country without office or travel expenses.
  • Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on roaming charges and receive your calls abroad for free while traveling.
  • Use your virtual numbers to make calls to countries all over the world. Use your virtual number to keep your real number confidential, for example, when placing online or printed media “for sale” or “now hiring” ads.
  • Use your personal virtual DID number to make outgoing international calls at super low, unheard of per-minute rates.

What do I get?

You get a real, recognizable local phone number. Callers pay local rates for the call. DID numbers provide access to free calling and extremely low international dialing rates:

  • Save 70% or more on your international calls today
  • Make outgoing calls from $0.0023 per minute even while roaming, and receive free or extremely cheap calls as if you never left your home carrier coverage
  • Receive calls from multiple DID numbers in several cities to one location
  • Forward calls to your Skype account or your other number
  • Receive calls to your DID number to your Skype software anywhere you use Skype
  • Instant activation and completely prepaid service – no contracts or commitments

Instantly setup virtual local phone numbers

Answer your calls anywhere – for free

Your new DID number (virtual local number) can be dialed at local rates. For example, you can instantly setup a +44 20 phone number in London, UK. Anyone in the United Kingdom can dial your virtual number and only pay local rate for the call. Your calls can be answered anywhere in the world, however, the person calling your DID number will only pay local rate for the call (if at all applicable; home subscriptions and many mobile plans come with unlimited local calls).

Virtual phone number service saves you money on international calls. Your friends, family and business associates will not have to dial your foreign number when you're out of country. You can also save on roaming charges by forwarding your existing home or mobile number to the new virtual DID number from DID Logic before you travel, and then answering calls overseas when you arrive to your destination. Instead of paying up to $4 per minute while roaming, you can answer calls for $0.005 if you answer on Skype or SIP device, or pay modest $0.03-$0.07 per minute if you answer on a foreign mobile phone. In both cases, your roaming charges are eliminated and you could save literally thousands of dollars on each trip.

See who called you with Caller ID

When you answer calls on your DID number from DID Logic, the Caller ID of the person who called you is transmitted and you will be able to see their number. You can answer calls to your local number no matter where you are in the world, and nobody will even know that you are traveling abroad.

No contract – cancel any time

With DID Logic, there are no commitments and no contracts. Once you paid your monthly fee for the DID number (as low as $0.40), you can cancel at any time. The service is completely prepaid and you can disconnect service with just one click. If you wish to continue using it, just add funds to your prepaid balance and keep using the DID numbers. With DID Logic, there are no surprises and no unexpected charges.

Easy to use – no IT skills required

DID Logic service is used by thousands of small businesses, busy professionals, self-employed consultants, hotel managers, translators, real estate agents, online store owners and private clients who need to talk more, stay in touch with friends and family, and receive free or almost free calls from abroad. You do not need any IT skills to setup our basic virtual number service. You get a simple menu to navigate and you can create your virtual line with just a couple of clicks. It's that easy. Many DID Logic customers were previously complete newcomers to the world of virtual numbers and SIP calls. Our courteous and efficient support staff will help you to setup new DID numbers in minutes.

Manage your virtual number online

Quick and easy setup with simple online tools

DID Logic has excellent, easy to use tools to manage your virtual number service online. Everything is engineered to work flawlessly with a simple, efficient interface to manage your DID numbers. Your virtual numbers can ring to one destination, like SIP device or Skype username, or a real phone number - anywhere in the world. You can also setup call hunt/call group service to ring several destinations at once with our Call Groups option. Change your call forwarding settings instantly.

Make calls from your new DID number

In addition to receiving calls on your virtual number, you can also make calls FROM your number. You can use one of the free, simple, easy to install SIP softphones for your notebook, computer, iPhone or Android phone to make extremely low cost international calls. Because we only use premium voice routes and connect directly to major international telecom carriers, your call quality will likely be superior to regular telephone call. It only costs fractions of a US cent per minute. When you dial, the Caller ID is sent with the call, and the other party will see your virtual DID number displayed and will be able to call you back. Read more about our cheap SIP calls here.

Forward your virtual number to any phone in the world

You can send call to another number, landline or mobile, somewhere else – in your own country or abroad. This option, although not completely free like SIP forwarding, has many advantages over IP forwarding and offers access to serious savings, crystal-clear call quality and ultimate convenience and reliability. For example, call forwarding to Canadian numbers is only $0.002/min – 1/5th of US cent. Learn more about forwarding to PSTN.

Use your DID number with Skype or SIP device

With DID Logic VoIP service, you can get Skype-in numbers in countries that Skype does not offer, such as South Africa, Bulgaria, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania, China, Vietnam and many more. Read more about DID to Skype forwarding.

Buy DID numbers for personal or business use

No minimums and flexible pricing options

DIDLogic offers the same carrier pricing to individuals and companies alike. You may purchase just one DID. We also have wholesale options for larger customers who buy in packs of 1000, 5000 or 10000 DIDs. For qualifying callshop operators, we have DIDs with 10, 30 or even 500 simultaneous channels support and flatrate minutes. Because calls are delivered in a SIP URI format, you can receive your DIDs to any external VoIP service or your own switch like Asterisk.

Unlimited incoming calls available

Many carriers that sell on DID Logic offer unlimited incoming calls. Incoming calls are free and unlimited. For DID numbers that come with certain minute allowance every month, there is per-minute fee, typically less than $0.01/min.

Up to 500 channels per DID number

DID Logic offers massive inbound DID capacity for your callcenter, calling card, or customer support lines. For example, our vendors offer 500 channels per DID for UK geographical numbers, 60 to 1000 channels per DID for UK toll-free DID numbers, 100 channels per DID number in the US and Canada.

Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX, 3CX fully supported

DID numbers can be easily added to your existing IP PBX infrastructure. You can use it for incoming and outgoing calls with your SIP hardware device, or your Asterisk PBX, FreePBX trunks, 3CX, Elastix, Epygi, Trixbox, Fonality, Freeswitch, Switchvox systems. Instantly add DID numbers and outgoing SIP trunks to your corporate VoIP system and start saving.

  1. Create your free account and instantly access all of our pricing and coverage information. View our flatrate products and per-minute options.
  2. Instantly add virtual local numbers and setup additional services to activate your multiple SIP accounts service. Follow the easy configuration instructions and set your forwarding destination.
  3. Start receiving calls to your SIP device, any mobile or fixed number in the world or Skype/Gtalk account. Make outgoing calls from any SIP-based device and send your Caller ID.