800 toll-free DID numbers, SIP or PSTN routed

DID Logic provides toll-free numbers in the United States (US toll-free) and United Kingdom (UK freephone) with massive capacity and low per-minute charges. Port your USA 800 DIDs to us and dramatically lower your callcenter costs. 

  • US 866/877/855 toll-free DID numbers: $0.98/month, $0.018/min, 20 channels, includes Canada
  • UK freephone 800/808 DID numbers: $0.40 per month, inbound minute $0.037, 500 channels included
  • Volume discounts available. Port your US 800 numbers and cut your toll-free usage bill.
  • Routed to SIP URI, any SIP-based IPPBX, or forwarded to PSTN anywhere in the world from $0.002/min
  • Asterisk, Freeswitch, 3CX, ATAs or external SIP addresses supported, G729, G711u, send your 1-800 CLI out.

No hard limit on channels, 20 simultaneous to start

The lowest US toll-free DID number offer with Canadian access included

  • Same $0.018/min inbound - no extra cost for Canada 
  • No strings attached
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Choice of LAX, NYC or Toronto SIP routing (redundant)
  • Port your 800 numbers and save

Economical, scalable, high-capacity 800 DID service

10, 500 or 1,000 channels per toll-free DID number

DID Logic offers massive inbound toll-free DID capacity for your callcenter, calling card, or customer support lines. This capacity can be scaled up or down on request. Calls can be VoIP-delivered based on your inbound SIP routes, or routed to PSTN for failover. Send outbound traffic - see our wholesale SIP termination price deck.

Your Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX, 3CX installation: quickly add toll-free DID number service

Toll-free DID numbers can be easily added to your existing IP PBX infrastructure. You can use it for incoming and outgoing calls with your SIP hardware device, or your Asterisk PBX, FreePBX trunks, 3CX, Elastix, Epygi, Trixbox, Fonality, Freeswitch, Switchvox systems. Instantly add DID numbers and outgoing SIP trunks to your corporate VoIP system and start saving. 

Get a toll-free 800 DID number for your business

Instantly setup a low-cost US or UK toll-free DID

Quick setup: enter the target phone number or VoIP device, take calls immediately. If you prefer to forward your incoming 800 number calls to another phone number, it only costs $0.002 per minute to answer calls in Canada, $0.005 per minute to forward to most U.S. numbers, and $0.006 per minute to UK landlines. Note the 2 zeros - half a penny, not 5 cents. 

Calls can also be forwarded to mobile numbers anywhere in the world - the service saves you money on international calls. Your friends, family and business associates will not have to dial your foreign number when you're out of country. They can reach you by dialing your toll-free number. Save on roaming charges by forwarding your existing home or mobile number to the new 800 DID number before you travel, and then answering calls overseas when you arrive to your destination. Instead of paying up to $4 per minute while roaming, you pay modest $0.03-$0.07 per minute when you answer on a European mobile network.

Lower your corporate phone bill

Because of our relationships with major national and international Tier 1 carriers, DID Logic toll-free pricing is lower than most SIP trunking providers: our pricing is lower per-minute, lower per month, and lower per channel cost than your current plan is. 

Port your existing toll-free number

US toll-free 800 numbers can be ported from your existing provider to DID Logic network. The underlying carrier is a RespOrg that handles all paperwork on your behalf; port-in charge is only $2.99 per each DID ported.

  1. Create your free didlogic.com account and instantly access all of our pricing and coverage information. View our flatrate products and per-minute options.
  2. Instantly add toll-free DID numbers and setup additional services to activate your multiple SIP accounts service. Follow the easy configuration instructions and set your forwarding destination.
  3. Start receiving calls to your SIP device, any mobile or fixed number in the world or Skype account. Make outgoing calls from any SIP-based device and send your 800/877 Caller ID.