Answer calls to your virtual number anywhere

Forward incoming calls to your DID Logic number to your actual location either for free or at extremely low per-minute rates. DID number can ring to your SIP device/Skype account (for $0.005), landline or mobile phone (from $0.0023/min – that’s 1/5th of US cent per minute), or setup to work with our call hunt/call groups service to ring multiple destinations - at once or sequentially.


Our quality call forwarding service saves you money. You can answer calls anywhere in the world. Callers pay local rate for the call.

  • Receive calls to your new local DID number no matter where you are in the world. While you can answer calls anywhere in the world, callers pay just the local rate.
  • You office or callcenter can be located in any country – answer calls as usual.
  • Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by eliminating roaming charges and receive your calls for free when traveling outside your home country.
  • Keep your real number confidential by giving out your virtual number that can be forwarded to anywhere.
  • Use as your own personal calling card – set several designated virtual local numbers to ring to phone numbers you dial most frequently and save with our incredibly low call forwarding rates.

What do I get?

  • Dramatic savings on roaming charges – pay under 1¢/minute, not $1..$4/minute.
  • Call forwarding to landlines starts at $0.0023/min – answer your calls on foreign fixed lines for 1/5th of US cent per minute. 
  • Ring multiple target phone numbers with our call hunt service.
  • Forward your calls to a SIP address to receive calls for free.
  • Forward DID numbers to your Skype software.
  • Instant activation and completely prepaid service – no contracts or commitments. Receive calls right away.

Flexible call forwarding options for your DID numbers

Instant setup with easy online management tools

When you setup your new DID number from DID Logic, you can immediately receive calls anywhere you are. Simply choose the country from the dropdown list, select the city and area code you need, and add the DID to your account. All numbers are active immediately and you can start using the DID number right away. Our call forwarding service requires no IT skills and can be easily managed online. Forwarding works with any telephone number in the world. You can also answer calls on your SIP or Skype-enabled device. Changing the call forwarding destination only takes a second. Calls can be forwarded to one or several phone numbers using our call hunt/call groups feature.

Forward your virtual number to PSTN

PSTN stands for “Public switched telephone network”. In simple terms, it merely refers to “any real, actual phone number in the world”. When you forward your virtual number to PSTN, you’re sending the call to another number, landline or mobile, somewhere else – in your home country or abroad. This is just a frequently used industry term that does not refer to any complicated concept.

A lot of customers at DID Logic use call forwarding service and send calls to another phone number (PSTN). This option, although not completely free like SIP forwarding, has many advantages over VoIP forwarding and offers access to serious savings, crystal-clear call quality, ultimate convenience and 100% reliability. For example, call forwarding to Canadian numbers is only $0.002/min – 1/5th of a US cent.

Forwarding to SIP devices or your Skype username

With DID Logic VoIP service, you can get Skype-in numbers in countries that Skype does not offer, such as South Africa, Bulgaria, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania, China, Vietnam and many more. Setup a local DID number and receive calls on your Skype account. This feature works just like the SkypeIN™, a service from Skype, and is perfect if you have friends, family or business colleagues who don't use Skype. Anyone can dial your online number from any phone or mobile. Your Skype software rings and you pick up the call wherever you are in the world.

DID Logic also provides SIP accounts that you can use to receive calls on your SIP hardware like the Linksys PAP2T, or any SIP softphone. When you have access to good quality Internet connection like cable, DSL or hotel WiFi, your calls can be forwarded to your SIP device and you can answer for free on your iPhone, Android or Windows phone. Read more about making and receiving calls with a SIP account.

Pay no roaming charges and eliminate large phone bills

Answer calls for free while abroad

If you are already subscribed to some form of SIP service from another SIP provider, you can receive calls to your DID numbers using your existing software or hardware. With a SIP account from “”, you can answer calls on your existing VoIP softphone or device by sending calls to “your.sip.username@sip.” (this is an example). You can also make and receive calls from any SIP hardware device like Linksys PAP2T or similar, or using a free SIP app for your iPhone (Acrobits) or Android phone (SIPdroid).

See who called you with Caller ID

When you answer calls on your DID number from DID Logic, the Caller ID of the person who called you is transmitted and you will be able to see their number. You can answer calls to your local number no matter where you are in the world, and nobody will even know that you are traveling abroad. Outgoing calls also carry your own Caller ID.

Nearly free roaming service – pay $0.03/min, not $3/min and keep your number

Roaming charges can pile up to as high as several thousand dollars per trip. Stop paying the ridiculous $3/minute rate and keep your number abroad using our call forwarding feature. Save on your roaming charges and receive cheap, crystal-clear call quality calls by following the steps below. In this specific example, we assume you live in the UK and you’re going to Spain on a business trip (works the same with many other countries, US or Canada or almost anywhere!):

  • Setup a virtual local UK number – only costs $0.40
  • Setup your new UK DID number to ring to the Spanish mobile number that you will use when you arrive in Spain.
  • Before boarding, set unconditional forwarding on your UK mobile phone to your new UK virtual number.
  • When someone calls your UK number, it rings to your Spanish mobile and you pay no roaming charges when you answer your UK mobile abroad.

Instead, you pay approximately $0.07 per minute for your forwarded calls to Spanish mobiles (US cents, not Euro cents!) and that is charged against your prepaid DID Logic account balance. Your UK mobile provider charges you nothing. Free roaming.

The service works the same in the United States, Canada, EU countries and over 50 other countries in the world. Stop spending hundreds and thousands of dollars each trip and pay no roaming charges.

International call forwarding for businesses

Excellent pricing and crystal-clear call quality

Receive calls anywhere and quickly change or add forwarding options. Callcenters, travel agencies, reservation desks, and numerous private consultants and business owners use DID Logic service to quickly and efficiently route their inbound call flow to phone numbers all over the world.

When you forward your high-volume calls using DID Logic, you can rely on our premium quality, direct route ONLY call forwarding. Our service was created to meet the most stringent requirements for high quality voice, and we terminate traffic via direct interconnects with major international and local carriers. 99% of other form of VoIP you see on the internet is just generic, no-name reseller service – see why.

Up to 1,000 channels per DID number

If you need to operate a high-volume callcenter or setup a customer service line, look no further. We have massive capacity DIDs such as Netherlands 30 channels, UK 1000 channels, and USA 100 channels to fit even the largest and complex project requirements.

Works with your Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX, 3CX or any other IPPBX

DID Logic offers flexible options to integrate our DID numbers into your existing VoIP system. We offer SIP accounts that can be used with softphones, hardware ATAs and IPPBX systems. Register your device using the standard SIP registration string, or route calls to any SIP URI (IP address) without registration, or use both methods. You can easily add SIP DID numbers to your FreePBX or Elastix system. Check out our quick setup guide for Asterisk.

  1. Create your free account and instantly access all of our pricing and coverage information. View our flatrate products and per-minute options.
  2. Instantly add virtual local numbers and setup additional services to activate your multiple SIP accounts service. Follow the easy configuration instructions and set your forwarding destination.
  3. Start receiving calls to your SIP device, any mobile or fixed number in the world or Skype/Gtalk account. Make outgoing calls from any SIP-based device and send your Caller ID.