DID numbers in Iceland

Cool Icelandic numbers are hot! DID Logic now offers DID numbers in Iceland. Our inbound service now extends to Iceland where we connect to the local nationwide Icelandic network. The latency on the AMS-Reykjavík route is a mere 37 ms and London-Reykjavík is 44 ms.

Iceland is an important hub for transatlantic cables. The 3rd Canadian transatlantic telecommunications cable (CANTAT-3) connects the Vestmannaeyjar landing station to Denmark shore, and the Greenland Connect cable links Iceland to Milton, Canada. Iceland is also expected to connect to the future AEConnect Cable System - the newest, most secure Transatlantic cable system in existence.

Highly educated workforce, naturally cool climate and abundant, renewable energy make Iceland one of most attractive data center locations in the Old World.

+354 country code DIDs are 7 digit long and there are no city codes. This distinction was dropped with the advent of NGN services in Iceland. Our +354 XXX-XX-XX capacity comes from a standard, local geographic Reykjavík number range.

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