Managed A-Z VoIP termination solutions that fit your industry verticals

Premium SIP termination

  • G711u/a, G722, G729 codec support
  • Strict standards for PDD, ASR, NER, CLI
  • Freeswitch, Cisco, Lync, Asterisk, 3CX
  • IP route or direct Ethernet interconnect
  • REGISTER or static IP-auth supported

ISDN-equivalent voice quality

  • Our routes are not LCR-based.
  • Build your own specific route and capacity
  • Colocation and IP transit consultancy
  • Seamless integration for running projects
  • Secure, encrypted VoIP with ZRTP

Carrier direct DID numbers

  • Provision blocks of DID on the same SIP trunk
  • Native CLI - outbound via the source carrier
  • Custom channel capacity for high-volume
  • Toll-free 800/0800 service in US/Europe
  • Flatrate or MOU metered options available

Exchange-powered, low latency, carrier direct voice services

ULTRA LOW LATENCY: Extremely low PDD and almost no network transfer: sub-millisecond in on-net markets. Typical customer is 0.7 ms away from our regional core switching facilities and transport is nearly LAN-local over just 2-3 hops.

CARRIER DIRECT: There are no "economy" or "value" decks and no 3rd party vendors. We only terminate over known country-specific directs such as Vodafone or Telecom Italia, and use premium tiers exclusively.

CLI/CALLER ID: Local DID vendors trade capacity using our infrastructure. Your CLI will be passed natively using the source network, ensuring nearly 100% success. When routed to hard-to-reach destinations with no DIDs, we rely on the same technology that cellular carriers rely on for international roaming to pass your CLI.

PRIVATE ETHERNET: Request a private Ethernet port (100 mbs, 1 Gbs or 10G) to our switches in over 50 datacenters. Guaranteed capacity, completely secure and private SIP trunks – the ultimate zero-jitter option for mission critical deployments and finance industry.

VERY HIGH QoS: Over 5 years of development and massive hardware investment guarantee that your project benefits from highest voice quality. We route your Exchange traffic over premium links only. On the customer-facing IP edge, our SIP gateways are using the best possible Tier1 IP transit in multiple carrier hotels and IXes worldwide.

EXCHANGE POWER: DID Logic Exchange interconnects multiple national and international carriers. Your voice traffic is handed over directly to the LECs responsible for the target telephone network, via the meet-me room fabric in the region-specific carrier hotel. Our minute pricing is identical across all locations.

HIGH CAPACITY: Built for speed, our globally available network of PoPs handles the massive channel load generated by popular social apps, advertisement agencies and call centers worldwide. Our solutions power the Mass Voice Notification Service (MVNS) for clients from non-profit, education and government sectors - tested, tried, and fully compliant with local regulations.