Reach every major carrier over sub-millisecond TDM transit

Ultra premium network

  • We pay extra for high-QoS transit
  • No corners cut; premium links only
  • We wrote the code and we own it
  • Hourly interconnect tests - CLI/PDD
  • Never stopped upgrading since 2008

Lowest latency SIP trunking

  • We install on top of carrier's IX
  • Native CLI termination on TDM side
  • Asian, Australian, S.African proxies
  • 0 ms latency from your VoIP server
  • RTP media routed locally - no delay

Free private Ethernet links

  • Reliable, secure VoIP termination
  • 100 mbs to 1 Gbit directly to telcos
  • Ask for local Ethernet cross-connect
  • Total of 76 worldwide DCs available
  • Discounted colocation and hosting
Put our infrastructure to the test today. Contact us at to discuss our private TDM circuit transport and business quality secure VoIP. Whether your are building a massive IP-based voice switching facility for your local government, or just looking for a small office quote, our dedicated Sales Engineers are always available to guide you. Basic fully functional SIP accounts are instantly available via the "Sign up" link, and additional ports capacity can be quickly provisioned on request.