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LLVS: Local Licensed Voice Service

To build out locally, you need more than just a SIP trunk.
You need LLVS from DID Logic.
Are you a communications service provider trying to resell dial tone to your users?
Are you expanding internationally?
Targeting new countries?
Then you should know by now that simply setting up international voice service with a VoIP trunk provider does not allow you to sell your app or platform locally. Let’s examine this local-global dilemma using the Netherlands as an example. If you’re relying primarily on A-Z termination from large resellers, you’re going to face challenges.

Local Licensed Voice Service

Equipped only with SIP trunking services, dialing Dutch landlines and mobile phones will likely work. But, the following routine services that your Dutch client expects will fail miserably:
- Dialing 085, 087 and 088 non-geographic numbers, which are used broadly by Dutch businesses.
- Calling 0800 toll-free numbers in the Netherlands. Dialing +31800 may work, but yourA-Z product will fail to deliver.
- Dialing 09XX premium numbers. Calls must originate from the Netherlands for this to work.
- Dialing 112 in an emergency. This service requires address registration in the Netherlands.
Even if your SIP trunk provider is a Tier 1 global telecommunications company, you still need LLVS – not SIP termination - for the service to work. This is exactly why you’re not opening up this market for your communications service, and why you’re not expanding into Netherlands.

Why do these calls fail?

Calls with domestic destinations, such as emergency, 088 national, 0800 toll-free and 0900 premium rate, must originate from inside the Netherlands. Otherwise, KPN, Vodafone NL, Telfortand other basic service providers will not know how to route these calls.

Doesn’t my VoIP provider have direct routes to the national telcos?

Yes, they probably do, but their contract covers only the international portion of the traffic. Your VoIP provider still needs to push these calls into the Netherlands from abroad. Typically, your calls would be sent back to the USA or United Kingdom, where everything would get aggregated in one large data center. This is how even the biggest Tier 1 telecommunications providers sell A-Z products. There are almost no exceptions.
You can’t provide a truly local service to your users in the Netherlands if you have to route calls back through U.S. data centers and cut them off from 112, 0900 and 088 functionality.

What does a Local Licensed Voice Service (LLVS) from DID Logic do?

- DID Logic’s LLVS is truly local. Our switches sit at Digital Realty - H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 127, Amsterdam (formerly Telecity5). We are listed as one of the facility’s tenants, with our own floor space and rack numbers. We are connected to local telephone networks on-site, so your calls originate from the Netherlands, not the US.
- SIP signaling, media gateways, and carrier interconnects are local, too. You can set up yourSIP trunk to connect to ‘’ The audio on the calls will stream from DID Logic’s Dutch IP addresses associated with ASNs 13006 that we operate from the Netherlands.
- LLVS is ultimately provided by a local, licensed communications ensure that you remain in compliance with local rules and regulations, can offer emergency calling, and reach all the local codes.
- With LLVS you’ll deliver locally formatted Caller ID that customers want and expect. For example, your number will appear as “0106605555” instead of “+31106605555.” Numbers that lead with a plus sign and full country code tend to scare clients away. Don’t use a standard SIP trunk product. Use DID Logic LLVS instead.

What is Local Licensed Voice Service

DID Logic offers LLVS in several other countries. Availability varies, but in most cases, you canbuild a product that performs identically to the local PRI/BRI product in your office, without needing to invest in infrastructure in every country.

Currently, DID Logic offers LLVS in the following countries across the globe:
Europe: Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands.
Asia Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore.
Americas: United States, Brazil.

We are also able to operate LLVS for your organization in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Singapore with added restrictions.
We are faster than traditional telcos, delivering the Proof of Concept set up within days, not weeks.