Basic Zoiper Installation and configuration for Windows

1 Choose the Windows download.

1 4 Zoiper

2 You can choose any type of installation.

For this demonstration, I’ve chosen the Community free edition.

2 2 Zoiper

3 It will then bring you to the download page where it should automatically begin downloading.

Zoiper 3 5

4 Run the installation once completed downloading.

4 1 Zoiper

Once installation is completed, you’ll need to create a new account in which to attach your existing sip account within DID Logic. That user account is your SIP account which you’ve created within DID Logic. If you haven’t created one, you’ll need to before continuing with this installation.

5 Zoiper

5 Go to settings -> create a new account.

6 Zoiper

6 Choose SIP account type.

7 F Zoiper

7 Enter the following:

  • Your SIP User Account as the “user” from DID Logic. (a 5 digit number) which will be provided to you after create a sip account or (sub account);
  • Your password which you’ve created from DID Logic;
  • The SIP Proxy. There are many to choose from depending on your geographical location. Log in to your DID Logic account on the web, go to SIP, on the bottom you’ll notice a list of SIP Proxy servers;
  • If you live in the East Coast of the US, use . If you’re closer to the UK, use, etc.

8 F Zoiper

8 Click next one you see this screen. You won’t have to change anything here.

9 F Zoiper

And you’re done!

Click on Dialpad to start making calls.

10 1 Zoiper