Linksys PAP2 is a reliable ATA adaptor that can be used to make and receive calls with DIDLogic service. Connect your PAP2 to your broadband router/modem and enjoy excellent voice quality and extremely low per-minute international rates.

Most other Linksys and Sipura VoIP adaptors are based on similar firmware. You can use this guide to setup other Sipura/Linksys products as well (SPA1001, SPA2000 and many others).

This guide is based on Linksys PAP2 firmware version 3.1.9 LSc. However, almost any other older/newer versions will look similar and can be easily setup using this guide.

1 Connect your PAP2 to your router, your phone and connect the power source.

Please wait about 2 minutes for the device to fully start.

Screen Shot 2012 04 05 At 10.20.11 Pm

2 Dial four asterisks (press the * key four times) form the phone connected to your Linksys.

A message will play - “Configuration menu. Please enter option followed by the pound key...”

Enter 110# and write down the IP address of the Linksys/Sipura device, for example,

3 Open your browser and go to http://IP_addreess – for example, Click the “Admin login” link on the top left. Default password is blank (no password).

Screen Shot 2012 04 05 At 10.25.02 Pm

Configure the line you wish to use with DID Logic service. Important: before you can make and receive SIP calls, you will need to create a SIP username and password in your account – these are not created automatically when you sign up. To create your numeric username and setup a password (they are NOT THE SAME as your website password and account number!) please go to the "SIP" tab while logged on to

4 In this example, we are setting up Line 1 of your Sipura/Linksys device:

Line Config Spa

Nat Enable

Make calls without Reg: yes
Register exprires: 600 
User ID: 5-digit numeric username
Password: your SIP password (not website password)
User Auth ID: yes
Auth ID: 5-digit numeric username
Preferred Codec: G711u
Use pref codec only: Yes
NAT mapping and NAT keep alive: YES (switch to advanced view to change)

For best voice quality, choose G711u or G711a as preferred codec. Set Silence Supp Enable to “No” for better calling experience. If your Internet connection speed is limited or you frequently hear breaking on the line, try using the G729a codec.

5 Click “Save settings”. You should see a reset message:

Screen Shot 2012 04 05 At 10.25.36 Pm

6 Wait 2 minutes and refresh the page if necessary. You should see a status page showing that your Linksys PAP2 device is registered to

Screen Shot 2012 04 05 At 10.25.45 Pm

Note: if, for any reason, after you have entered all settings into PAP2, you still cannot see successful registration status, perform a full reset of your device and return to screen 2. Make sure all settings are entered exactly as in the screenshot. Some PAP2/ SPA units may have been previously used with different VoIP providers and can have incompatible NAT/STUN/AUTH configuration settings still in effect.

7 If you wish to receive calls on your Sipura/Linksys device, setup your DID to ring to “DID Logic SIP”. Important: uncheck the "Send didinfo" option in your account first.

Edit Sip Accounts

Unchecked Didinfo Spa

Sip Account Routing

8 You can now make and receive calls. Remember, dialing format is E.164. Do not dial 011 or 00 in front. For example, if calling London UK, dial 44 20 1234-5678.

Always dial “country code”, “area code”, “phone number”. 

More examples: 

49-1515-1500000 – Germany
33-1-52050000 – France
351-1-9000000 – Portugal

If dialing within US/Canada, you must dial “1” before the area code and number. 

For example, to call New York, dial 1-212-555-1212 and not “212-555-1212”.

Tip: if you hit the # key at the end, your call will be connected quicker (your Linksys adaptor will not wait for digits timeout and will start dialing immediately)

Important: didlogic gateway automatically bans IP addresses after several consecutive incorrect authentication attempts. If your IP is banned, you will not be able to register to, or browse the website - for 3 hours. Make sure you are using your numeric SIP login and SIP password – not website password. The SIP login username is different from your account number.