Register at the DID numbers exchange - - to start buying numbers. Verify your email and log on to with your account username (email) and password. You will be brought to the start page with the list of available countries:

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Choose your country from the dropdown list to display available local area codes.

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Using the second dropdown menu to the right, choose from the list of available cities in the selected country.

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A list of participating DID vendors appears, showing vendor ratings, pricing, activation and prefixes available in the area code / city you selected in step 2. Click on "View". You will be shown available DID numbers details:

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- activation cost: one-time fee to activate DID number service
- monthly fee: the amount you need to pay each month for your DID service subscription
- free min: amount of free minutes included (
- per min: cost of additional incoming minute if you exceed your included minutes

Tick checkboxes to pick the DID numbers you want to purchase. If your profile already has default PSTN/SIP destinations entered, your routing will automatically be setup based on the information you have provided.

Examples: (SIP URI) OR (SIP URI for Callcentric users) OR (incoming SIP calls for Betamax users) OR my_username_2000 (Skype¬© destination, enter username only)

You can also leave these fields blank and enter your destinations later by going to "Purchased" section in your account. It won't affect your transaction.

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Click "Checkout" when done selecting DIDs and setting up default routing (SIP, Skype or PSTN). Make sure you have enough credit to purchase the DID numbers selected. DIDs will become instantly available via the "Purchased" section of your account.

Purchased DID numbers can be setup to ring to your SIP account (your own device or IPPBX registered to our SIP proxy), external SIP URI (another SIP provider), PSTN (any phone number in the world) or Skype username. You can also setup call groups with ring-all and call-hunt patterns and specify multiple destinations for more efficient and flexible call processing. See our SIP trunking section to learn about making calls FROM your virtual numbers and sending valid Caller ID with your calls.