Instant provisioning

choose the country from the dropdown list, select the city and area code you need and add to your account. All DIDs are active immediately and you can start using the DID number right away.

Completely prepaid service

no need to prepay for 3 or 6 months. Services are billed pretty much like prepaid cellular — as long as you have sufficient balance in your account, it will work, but you will not create any liability beyond your prepaid balance. You do not have to do anything to continue using the DID, just add more funds and service will continue automatically. At any time, you can click "return" and remove any DIDs you no longer need.

Automated checks

to help you make sure the number exists and does work OK, a "check" link is placed next to each DID number. Click to verify if the number is functioning properly. No charge if the number stops working; your monthly fee will be automatically refunded if the DID remains in the "failed" state for longer than 72 hours.

Update your forwarding destination on the fly

log in to change the ring-to destination. Changes take effect instantly. Change from Skype to SIP to PSTN in a matter of seconds. Forwarding to SIP is free, and only $0.005 to Skype network. 

Outbound caller ID support

you can make SIP calls from your account and choose the Caller ID to send with the call. The Caller ID will match the DID you choose, and people will see your number and will be able to call back to it.

Request DIDs

place requests for countries and/or area codes not currently offered through DIDLogic. Receive an email when vendors add new origination.