Web callback service

Use our free web callback service to connect any SIP address to any phone number in the world or any Skype username with any SIP address or phone number. The IP part of the callback is free and unlimited. You can connect phone to phone, phone to SIP, SIP to Skype or phone to Skype at no charge. Pay only for the PSTN leg of the call.

Not just another callback service

Everybody knows how to use callback. Enter phone 1, phone 2, answer the call, get connected. This service was originally designed to save you money, however, considering the rates the so called "Discount" providers are now charging, this is often not the case any more. DIDLogic has a better solution. Our webcall feature offers next-generation service at unheard of per-minute rates.

Enter your destination number and get connected to any other destination

Web callback services provides some serious savings by turning your outgoing calls into incoming calls. If you are traveling abroad, just get a local SIM card and receive free incoming calls to your local mobile number without paying roaming charges or making outgoing international calls.

Call any SIP addresses from your landline or mobile

Web callback is a great tool you can use to connect to thousands of SIP networks from any phone in the world, fixed or mobile. If you know the other party's SIP address, our web callback service can connect you to that SIP URI destination for free. Enter your current phone number and the other person's SIP address, for example: username123@sip.example.com and click the green "CALL" button. The system will dial your current phone number and will connect you to the SIP address. The SIP part is free. You can talk to anyone who has a SIP address for the cost of incoming call. For example, our per-minute rate to Canada is $0.0026 per minute - that is 1/5th of a US cent. With web callback service from DIDLogic, you can call any SIP address from your Canadian home or cellular phone for $0.0026/min - the SIP leg of the call is free. It works with more than 2,000 other SIP carriers. If you already have a SIP address, start receiving callbacks to your SIP software and bypass your provider's pricing.


Call any Skype user from your landline or mobile or receive a callback to your Skype account with no credit

With web callback service, you can dial any Skype username and connect the Skype user to either your existing phone or a SIP address. You can also receive callbacks to your Skype software and connect to any phone number or SIP address. For example, our rate to UK Vodafone mobile is approximately $0.05 per minute. You can enter your UK mobile number in our web callback form and specify a Skype user to dial (or do the reverse: enter your Skype username to receive the call to and dial a specified UK mobile). The webcall will be initiated and you will be talking from your Skype to a UK mobile for $0.05/min. Based on Skype's PAYG rates, dialing UK mobile from Skype will cost you close to $0.30 per minute. The savings are obvious. You can also use this as a very convenient option to make phone calls from Skype account with zero credit on it. Use the callback, answer the incoming call to your Skype at no charge and get connected to your destination. You are still making a call using your Skype software, but our rates are much lower and you don't even need to have any credit on your Skype account. Again - incoming calls to your Skype do not cost anything.

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