SIP trunk

Make low-cost SIP calls from anywhere in the world. Dial from your iPhone, Symbian or Windows phone. Works with any SIP-based softphone, hardware ATA or Asterisk SIP trunk
  • Calls rates start from just $0.002/min.
  • ISDN grade, crystal-clear call quality, better than a landline
  • Save on roaming charges by making and receiving SIP calls
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Local DID numbers

Setup a virtual local number to receive calls to your SIP device, another phone number, or Skype account. DID numbers available in over 50 countries. Works with Asterisk and any other SIP-based system.
  • Callers pay local rate. Answer calls anywhere, for free
  • Great for callcenters, support desks, hotel reservation lines and busy professionals. 
  • Multi-channel, unlimited incoming minutes included with flatrate DID numbers.
  • Asterisk-compatible and works with your existing SIP trunks
  • Use virtual numbers as your personal calling card and save on roaming charges.

Forward your calls to:

  • Phone
  • Skype
  • SIP
  • Custom call group
Answer calls to your virtual number in another location or country. Forward calls to another phone number (PSTN), Skype username, or SIP. High-quality, reliable international call forwarding service.

Web callback

Instantly connect any 2 phones, or SIP addresses, or Skype usernames, or a combination of any destination type with just a couple of clicks.
  • Better functionality that traditional callback service
  • Instantly conference in any two destinations or phone numbers, online
  • Callback to SIP addresses or Skype usernames

Send SMS

Send text messages online to any mobile networks in the world.
  • Use for quick notifications or automatic reminders
  • Robust, high-capacity SMS service 
  • Incoming SMS to DID numbers available in select markets

More VoIP tools

  • Send SMS

    Send cheap text messages to any
    mobile number in the world.
  • Subaccounts

    Create multiple accounts to split
    billing. Use in several locations and
    control costs.
  • Mobile apps

    iPhone and Android apps available.
    Nokia SIP compatible, use with any
    other smartphone platform.
  • Web callback

    Advanced online callback - IP part
    is free. Connect any 2 phones, or
    or Skype username, or a SIP address
    in any combination.
  • SIP trunking

    Premium termination with unlimited
    channels. No grey routes ever and
    full Asterisk support. Carrier direct
    Tier1 voice at wholesale pricing.
  • Sell your DIDs

    CLECs and ITSPs: sell your unused
    DIDs here. Get DID capacity from
    any other member. Excellent DID
    exchange tolls to buy and sell DIDs.
  • Call groups

    Easily setup personal follow-me
    service to simultaneously ring a
    group of your phone numbers or
    SIP devices.
  • Free Skype and Google Talk

    Forward your DID numbers to Skype
    or Gtalk. Free service to answer
    virtual numbers on Skype.