Business grade, low-latency, premium VoIP service

Customers in Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam can now access local SIP proxy in Singapore to enjoy high quality SIP termination. Ideal solution for your callcentre operations in the APAC region - route calls to local SIP gateways and increase your ASRs dramatically while pleasing your sales agents and improving lead quality.

  • Quality SIP termination to all Asian, European and US networks - call rates to HK mobile networks start at USD$0.002/min, and there are no taxes of any kind. Asterisk/Freeswitch friendly - send SIP calls from any hardware or software IPPBX. Enjoy 2 ms pings in Singapore and 25-30 ms pings in Thailand and Hong Kong. For shortest Trans-Pacific path to the United States, access our SIP gateways in San Franciso, CA

  • DID numbers in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore - easily setup inbound routing for your call centre to supplement the SIP termination service. DID service in Australia and New Zealand also available.

Why Singapore is the ideal Asian core node for SIP termination

Singapore offers unmatched IP connectivity due to its high concentration of submarine fiber landings. PACNET, Asia’s leading communications provider with the largest regional footprint and the region’s most extensive submarine cable infrastructure, maintains peering presence at the AMS-IX and LINX exchanges. Callcenters operating out of UK can now access our Asian SIP termination capacity and take advantage of low latency routes to mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India and Malaysia.

  • Unlimited channels. Same-day provisioning of 1,000+ channels at no extra charge. 
  • Wholesale capacity available, multiple STM1 feeds with 10 Gbit fiber per cluster.
  • G711 u/a, G722 HD, GSM and G729 codecs supported.
  • Low rates to mobile networks in Thailand, Japan, China, Malaysia, South Korea.
  • Premium SIP termination only - no grey routes, no economy routes. Tier1/PTT only.
  • Ultra low latency - forget the 300+ ms pings to European SIP proxies and switch to local routing.

Welcome to Singapore

Much like Amsterdam (also a port city and our other important SIP termination hub), Singapore boasts incredible connectivity and is home to region's major IP exchanges: Equinix, KDDI, Tata, Experio and Telehouse.

The Singaporean economy is known as one of the most liberal, most innovative, most competitive, and most business-friendly. Singapore is the 14th largest exporter and the 15th largest importer in the world. The country is currently the only Asian country to have AAA credit ratings from all three major credit rating agencies – Standard & Poor's, Moody's, and Fitch. The port of Singapore is one of the five busiest ports in the world. The Government of Singapore introduced the Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) plan to fuel creativity and innovation among businesses and individuals by assisting IT-intensive industries that support enterprise and talent. The vision of iN2015 is: "Singapore: An Intelligent Nation, A Global City, Powered By Infocomm".

Singapore is where east meets west, a cosmopolitan melting pot with a unique identity. Welcome to Asia's Garden City. Welcome to Singapore.

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