Robust, secure VoIP trading platform

DIDLogic is your turnkey distribution channel to the world. We take care of your entire sales, marketing and billing process — as the VOIP service provider, you only need to route your unused numbers to our SIP gateway and collect the profits.
- We take care of customer service: no need to deal with individual buyers and provide support
- We provide the billing platform. Collect profits monthly via single payment
- Charge for inbound minutes
- Leave security to us: DIDLogic has identity confirmation tools and can gather ID copies on your behalf
- Full compliance with US and European data retention directives, logs kept indefinitely

Why will our customers buy your DIDs?

DIDLogic offers a number of unique free services to its customers, like SIP to Skype and SIP forwarding. Features like "Webcall" or "SIP calls" are only offered to customers with at least 1 DID number in their account. Many users buy a DID just to satisfy this requirement. As a carrier, you have the opportunity to sell a huge number of low-cost DIDs, one to each user at DIDLogic.

Many DIDLogic vendors already enjoy this automatic income with almost no overhead. Because the DIDs are often unused but paid for - retail users generate very light call load. Your profit potential is significant — sell a few thousand DIDs for $0.50 and collect a sizeable monthly payout.

For example, if your company provides VOIP origination in Netherlands and you have unused DIDs, you may simply route them to SIP/ and list that capacity at, let's say, $3 per month/DID. If 500 of our users decide to choose Netherlands for their minimum DID requirement (they can choose any country), you're making $1,500 per month already in exchange for a minimal technical effort.

Global DID provider exchange

Many PSTN carriers in Europe, US and UK offer their residential subscribers a flatrate "all fixed lines" option. For example, in Portugal, many plans come with free and unlimited calls to all EU landlines after 9 PM. Our customers can purchase European DIDs to be easily reached, even if they do not reside in the country they're getting the DID from. It is OK to use a Luxembourgish DID number, for example, and still be easily reached by callers from Italy, Portugal, or Spain at a cost of a local call. This means you can offer DIDs from almost any country and still sell a lot.

In the globalization age, the number of people permanently residing outside of their home countries, or regularly traveling internationally, has increased exponentially. No matter what country you operate in, at DIDLogic, we will always find buyers for you.

In fact, some countries are highly sought after. If you are a carrier in India, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Malta, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Angola or Algeria, DIDLogic has very attractive options to start your DID business immediately. Please contact us for more information.

DIDLogic can help you literally turn unused DIDs into a personal individual retirement account. Some DIDs are purchased on a temporary basis, but some are kept indefinitely, especially when purchased for a business purpose and put on printed material. For example, we ourselves have been with a particular US carrier in New York and California for 7 years — and we will hold on to those numbers for another 20, 30 or 50 years, seriously. So, how would you like to see that $1,000 - $3,500 continue to come in monthly for the next several decades?